Huel Flavor Boosts Vs. The Real Thing

Hello Hueligans!!

I haven't found anyone else talking about this topic, so I thought I would strike up conversation for those that have tried Huel Flavor Boosts, and those interested in trying them. My question is as follows: How do Huel Flavor Boosts compare to the real thing in terms of taste and consistency when mixed in with your Huel V3.0 or Huel Black?? 

I have not tried the Huel Flavor Boosts, personally, and I have tried certain whole ingredients like adding real vanilla extract to my Unflavored & Unsweetened, or simply adding it to my Huel Black Vanilla to enhance the flavor. I have been considering purchasing a sample pack, or perhaps a bag of a certain Flavor Boost, but I have also been hesistant to purchase one because I don't want to waste my money if I don't end up enjoying them. Additionally, why buy the bags of Flavor Boosts when I can just run down to the store and grab a small jar of salted caramel topping, or some fresh fruit to blend in my huel?? 

So, what do you think?? Are the Flavor Boosts worth the money?? Would I be better off purchasing the real thing from the store as an alternative?? Are some better than others?? You decide, and let me know your honest opinion.

Thank you all in advance for your time to respond and answer my questions!!

If you want to limit the risk of wasting your money, then you should try adding the sample pack to your next order as its pretty inexpensive

The Huel flavour boosts are formulated so that they balance the taste against not adding too many calories to the mix. Store bought alternatives may or may not do the same. Some, such as powdered peanut butter or unsweetened cocoa/cacao can do this but others mean a larger increase in calories.

Are the Flavour Boosts worth the money? If you like them then yes they are as they offer a good balance of taste vs. calorie increase. Tastes vary wildly between people but you can read this thread for people’s opinions.


The big difference is if you blend a load of berries in your Huel you will get all of the antioxidants and other healthy things from the berries as well as the berry flavour. If you use the Huel berry flavour boost you will just get a berry flavour.

This applies to a lot of the flavours. You can make your own great tasting chocolate Huel by adding raw undutched cacao. Cacao is very high in antioxidants and is considered to be very good for you.

I’m not knocking the flavour boosts - they are a cost effective way to add flavour. It will cost you more money to add the real ingredients but you are getting the benefits of the real ingredients.


I got the flavour boost sample box with my first order as im really indecisive about what flavour Huel to buy… didnt want to spend money on a flavour i dont really like…
Its given me a great understanding of the other flavour bags that are available
But i think i will always order 1 vanilla with my orders as you can add anything to it

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to top up @Coup’s well made point - the FB’s also offer the convenience of making a flavoured shake if you don’t have access to a blender.


I would say that if you love blending up your Huel with a load of other stuff then keep at it! However as everyone else has said, it really depends on what your priorities are, our Flavour Boosts:

  • Don’t need to be blended - improving convenience/reducing washing up
  • Keep the perfect balance of nutrition in Huel - if you go and add some salted caramel topping then you’re going to be adding a lot (?) of sugar and calories with no other nutritional benefits.
  • We’ve also made the Flavour Boosts specifically with Huel Vanilla in mind, so they work really well with it. With other flavourings it might not balance quite so well
  • Cost is an argument too - good Vanilla essence is expensive I believe, I’m unsure why you would add it over just using our Vanilla Huel

But all that being said, you do you. Huel is different for everyone and you can know that you’re having a huge amount of nutrients whether you add your salted caramel to it or not!

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I think that I might actually try that, then. It certainly can’t hurt. If I dislike some of them, or if I dislike all of them, I don’t have to buy another one. But I’m sure there are some good flavors in there. I’m interested most in the Salted Caramel, and the Mint Chocolate. Those are some of my favorite things. I appreciate the input -

I found the Salted Caramel to have nice taste and quite natural - the Mint Chocolate was more like a mint fondant taste so if you like After Eight chocolates you’ll probably like this too. The only ones I really didn’t like were, to some extent Berry, and the worst was Strawberry. However, to use them up, I tried mixing the Strawberry and Banana FB’s and it produced a much less synthetic and more natural taste.

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Thank you for the input, Tim!! I will likely purchase a sample pack on my next shipment of Huel Black and give it a go. It certainly can’t hurt. Though as far as fruits go, I predict that I would prefer blending whole fruits for the extra antioxidants and other nutrients. I also don’t foresee myself adding caramel to my Huel most of the time. That would kind of defeat the whole purpose, you know?? Maybe as a treat on occasion.

I think I would enjoy the Flavor Boosters for the Vanilla more than I would the chocolate. Chocolate is great on its own, but I never have been a big fan of Huel’s Vanilla flavor. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe I would enjoy it much more with some extra dynamics in there. :smile:

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I’ve never had After Eight Chocolates before, but I’d be interested to try them!!

I go for ‘the real thing’ for cocoa/cacao, matcha (now have no choice), ginger, ceylon and cassia cinnamon, vanilla and berries. I go for the Flavour Pack for Pumpkin Spice and Peanut Butter at present.

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Huel is an excellent food based on a sound philosophy of nutrition. A purist may observe that ‘flavour boosts’ have no nutritional content and are therefore irrelevant…in fact I used to share this pov. But I see that offering flavour boosts - even if nutritionally pointless - is a path of lesser resistance to increase popularity. I did ask why for example berry flavour could not be made from berries and received a fair, if limited, response from Huel along those lines.

I note also the CEO mentioned an aspiration to achieve ‘wholefood’ flavourings in his recent address, so I’m pleased the vision of complete and holistic nutrition still seems to be present.

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I’ve had a couple of sample packs, and found that I like them all in various degrees. I don’t like coffee but the mocha was actually rather nice. The Strawberry was a tad sweet for me, and the peanut butter tasted more like the old toffee flavour than peanut so if don’t like salted caramel then go for the peanut one. The Apple and cinnamon is my favourite at the moment, the pumpkin spice was a nice surprise, I thought it would be more savoury, it was sweet, but not overly. The salted caramel is ok, not a fan of salty food, I don’t add any to my cooking, so i notice the salt in the caramel, It’s ok but I prefered the old toffee flavour. I usually buy the premade mint chocolate, but I’m not so keen on the new v3. it’s lost something, almost tastes a bit wishy washy to me, I’ve got one bag to get through then I’ll stop buying that one, so i’ve changed my order to Berry, Banana 2x Chocolate and 2x vanilla v2.3 (while it lasts), I buy 6 bags a month, but thats for 3 of us. Both my sons are into huel as well. Come september I’ll have been having one huel a day for a year and I don’t think I’ll ever stop unless you stop making it. I feel so much better than I used to. Overall I would say you can’t go wrong with the flavour boost test pack. I like them all. I might order another one just to test out which boots I might get next.