Huel powder flavour differences

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I have started using Huel Black within the last couple of months, so far I have ordered Strawberry and cream, Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl and the unflavoured and unsweetened powders. I also ordered a pack of the different flavour sachets to try. I love the Strawberry and Cream and having tried the banana flavour sachet with the unflavoured powder I think I might order the banana flavour powder at some point in the future.
My question is this, how come there are flavours in the V 3.0 powder like Berry, Mint Chocolate and Original that aren’t mimicked in the Black version? It would be nice to have the same flavours available.


i’m guessing its a mix of reasons - economic, how the taste works because of the different base ingredients and sweeteners etc.

you couldn’t have an ‘original’ BE for example because it was basically the original ‘oaty’ recipe and BE’s main ingredient is tapioca not oats so you wouldn’t get the same taste. if there’s one thing guaranteed to trigger outcry on this forum it would be launching a comparable flavour across the range that tastes different to each other :slight_smile:

maybe some flavours just work better than others regardless of the base used and you still have the option to add flavour boosts to your own BE vanilla or UU rather than a premix.

Thanks Phil. I have quite a few bags of powder at the moment but if I place another order at some point I might try ordering a bag of vanilla, I’ve found with the UU powder so far that the little tester sachet hasn’t really provided enough flavour for my liking and I’ve had to add quite a bit of sweetener as well - starting with Vanilla might provide a good starting base.

@Huel Maybe a Berry flavour can be added to the flavour boosts?

Just to leap in here…the flavour sachets were in fact designed to be used in conjunction with vanilla and not unflavoured. Vanilla will definitely work better for you.


Thanks @hunzas John.

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I haven’t tried huel yet, but I tried this one in Vanilla and chocolate flavors. I loved the Vanilla one, but whenever I crave for eating chocolate. I simply order a chocolate one.

wow - and people complain about Huel being expensive… :slight_smile:

I am not speaking for everyone, but as long as I am getting positive results for maintaining my fitness, I am good with it. :upside_down_face:

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