How sweet is the banana premix?

I like a very light sweetness and all the other flavours I’ve tried, other than coffee caramel, have been way too sweet for me.
I usually do U/U blended with either some banana or steamed plantain (aka the superior banana) so I figured it could make things easier haha.

It would probably also be helpful if you could describe how sweet other flavours are to you? Since everyone’s perceptions are different and it would be a better point of reference.

Hey kage, welcome to the forum! Firstly, Banana is delish. It’s a more fresh, natural banana flavour, as opposed to that of a banana sweet/candy. Tastes like you’ve blended Vanilla Huel with a banana.

Sweetness is tricky, considering that most powder flavours are pretty sweet I would say this sits in the middle. With Vanilla and our Chocolate/Choc Mint sitting above our Banana.

What do the rest of you think?

Hi I always add a banana to my coffee huel and use frozen blueberries or black cherries to the banana huel as it definately does not need as much sweetness. It all comes down to personal taste though and I do have a sweet tooth. :hugs:

I can confirm that the banana premix is not noticeably (too) sweet.

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Thanks for that, @KarlBerg!

What did you end up going for @154?

I appreciate all the feedback!
So, I’m actually in the States, I just have a friend who’s willing to forward it to me. I was just about convinced to try it when the peanut butter flavor was released over here.
If you can’t guess by how I was willing to order from a different country, I’m an extremely picky eater. Peanut butter sounds a tad more my speed, so for my next order I’m going to be trying that! :slight_smile:
Maybe for the following order I’ll try banana, though!