Tried Banana!

Last month I tried the Berry flavour for the first time, not a fan at all, it tasted a bit too artificial, the Vanilla has been great for as long as I can remember.

This month I tried the Banana, and I have to say it is really nice, a very taste smooth banana flavour, I love it, is it as good as Vanilla? I don’t know yet, but I will be ordering a Banana in every order of 4 bags every month.

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Banana over vanilla anyday . It’s a little weaker than I’d of liked but definitely more drinkable to me


I agree, it took me a couple tries and then my Banana stock to run out and be an Vanilla to realise how great it is, I’ll me going 2 bags of each next.

I’ve recently received my first Banana shipment after months of just Berry… and I love it!
It is a weaker taste than my tastebuds would prefer, but I’ll just add flavouring or real bananas to make it the strength I want. Although, I’m hoping enough people say it needs a stronger taste so the the Huel team adjust it in future :grinning:

Just received my first bag of Banana this morning, and already made and tried my first one.

I love it!

My favourite combination up to now had always been the Vanilla with the Banana flavour boost, so not having to faff about with the flavour boost packet is a bonus.

The new Banana is less sweet than the flavour boost, but I like that (trying to ween myself away from sweet tastes a bit anyway) and I can always add a quarter teaspoon of banana flavour boost if needed, so it’s win-win!

Great stuff!


Just tried the banana premix for the first time today, and I really like it! I had just run out of chocolate, so can’t yet try the two combined that seems so popular on the forum. So far I’m fairly sure I’ll be buying this again :thumbsup:t3: