Predicament :(

Good Evening All, First post so please be nice!

After using fuel for the first time and trying all the flavour boosts I fell in love with the banana flavour!

So i bit the bullet and subscribed getting two big bags of banana huel…

however, the banana huel tastes nothing like the flavour boost! and to make things worse I forgot to change the subscription so im now stuck with 3 and a half bags of banana huel i don’t like!

Has anyone else found themselves in this situation, and if so, is there anything you can do to improve the taste? it tastes like an unripened banana and leaves my mouth with a horrid after taste.
Not at all like the sweet lovely banana flavour boost I loved so much!


I agree about the aftertaste. I actually liked the banana but then that taste creeps up and sticks around for a couple of hours.

If you have any cinnamon, lob some of that in. That’s the only thing I’ve used aside from the flavour boosts. It’s nice! No doubt you’ll get some better suggestions soon.

If you have any of the salted caramel flavour boost that works well to transform the banana premix to something like banoffee pie.
Or you can try ordering banana flavour drops from My Protein which add a riper, sweeter banana flavour.

I have a pouch of banana flavour boost you can have if you want?
(Edit: it’s unopened. I could post it.)
It got sent to me in error instead of cherry. And I don’t really like banana.
Adding banana fb may make the banana premix nicer (? Has anyone tried this?)

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Oh and something I suggest for every Huel problem ever: add cacao powder. Cacao powder improves everything :laughing:


Or it may DOUBLE the EVIL. You’re wise not to risk it yourself and instead use @DaveMcKenna as a lab rat.

Have you tried Berry fb in Berry premix @David ? I kinda imagine this would be the most evil Huel combo possible

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The most evil would be to then mix it with Berry RTD and pour it all over Berry granola.

Although tbh only one of Berry Huels is evil.

But berry RTD is delicious and shares no DNA with berry premix. The evil gene is absent. It’s actually negative evil. So it may cancel out the evilness of the Berry premix.

We’ve somehow stolen this thread about banana and turned it into one about berry.
Altho, someone told me once that bananas are actually berries. He provided scientific evidence and everything. He even gave me a baby banana-berry tree.

Taxonomically correct and useful in pub quizzes, but I ain’t calling them that.

Didn’t you try Berry FB? It’s fine. The evil is entirely limited to the powder.

Dave is gonna see all the replies and get excited about all the flavour suggestions. Sorry Dave.

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Shit I just made it worse.


No. I’m scared.
But if you are serious about it being ok I will try it tomorrow…

Yeah I knew you got the sample pack but I thought maybe you scattered it around the house to ward off gremlins. It won’t work, it tastes nice!

This topic is proof that the FB tastes have almost no correlation with the powders. It’s amazing when you think about it. Do they have a different group of testers for each thing? Did the same person have the final say on Berry powder and Berry RTD?

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In my opinion the boosters are way better than the premixed flavours.
I’d like to see them return to UU, Original, Vanilla only, and expand the flavour boost range. Bring back the old ones. And keep the new ones too. And make a chocolate orange. And a chilli lime.


Yeah chocolate orange. We know they can do it.

(geak has been typing a reply to the bag weight thread for about an hour. Should be a good one)

(edit: nope, not really)

Apology accepted fellow David


Another thing to try, if you don’t already, is to leave it in the fridge for a looooooong time. That can help mellow the flavours a bit. The aftertaste will still be there though. I can still taste it and it’s about six months since I tried banana flavour.

Did you try the old (150g) or the new (100g) banana flavour boost?
I am wondering, because to me the new one tastes like you describe the premix: unripe bananas.

You can send the unopened bags back to Huel for a refund so that you don’t get stuck with too many!

I second the recommendation for the salted caramel booster. 1tsp of that plus 15g powdered PB in 75g Banana Huel is my absolute favourite!

The strawberry booster mixes well with it too if you have that. Like a fresh strawberry and banana smoothie, IMO.

You could also try frozen berries, coconut water, and cocoa powder as mentioned by others

Good luck!