Predicament :(

I personally have a pretty sweet tooth so I always add flavour boosts to my Huel powder to sweeten it up!

Like you, my favourite flavour boost has always been banana and the banana Huel powder is now my favourite too, however I have always also added banana flavour boost for added sweetness, as I do with the berry powder + strawberry flavour boost.

I would highly recommend doing this and if you fancy trying it, add a scoop of peanut butter ( this is my favourite)

Or as @Liath said add salted caramel for that banoffee flavour.

If you really aren’t enjoying the first pouch, you can return the unopened pouch.

I wasn’t entirely convinced i wasn’t going to die despite witnessing your dedication to science and experimentation.
But. You’re right. It’s fine!
It’s more similar to the RTD berry flavour.
I’m not sure i would buy a whole pouch of it but I am quite enjoying the flavour boost sample - it’s not bad at all.

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Yes, agree, Berry fb is much nicer than Berry premix.

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I’m the same and think that it is down to the sweetener used. Stevia in the Flavour Boosts is good; Sucralose in the base powder is really really not for me. You can send back unopened bags. I only ever tried the vanilla but found that combining it 50/50 with UU made it palatable - either that or adding extras such as peanut butter or bananas

There’s definitely a divide in opinion depending on our taste buds!

It makes so much sense to have two lines of Huel: one with sucralose and one with stevia, which is what they’ve kinda done with white and black (although some of the premixes contain both eg mint choc). And obviously one with neither which is UU.

You’re never going to find one recipe that suits everyone it’s impossible.

Have you tried adding an actual banana to the banana boost or else adding chocolate or cacao?

Yes I agree. It’s got to be better for you than two lines of Cocaine


depends if you get clumps blocking your sinuses?

@DaveMcKenna I’m surprised nobody mentioned it yet but you can get a full refund for the three unopened pouches (maybe not the one you ordered the first time if it was a while back)