First meals today - Flavours

My first order arrived today, Berry and Vanilla. The Berry is drinkable, though a little too fake tasting for me, not sure I’ll buy that one again. The vanilla is nice though, definitely get that one again. I got a boosts pack as well but not tried those yet.
One question I have, is vanilla plus flavour boosts a reasonable approximation of the other premixed flavours e.g. banana? Was hoping to use them to work out what to try next in terms of the premixed flavours.

Heya, welcome!

I don’t use that version of Huel myself but I can tell you that the Berry flavour definitely is a bit marmite! Some love it some… well not so much.

Personally I base everything around the black edition of chocolate so absolutely no clue on your question but I’m sure someone more learnéd than I shall be along soon. Wanted to say hi though! :+1:t3:

I found that too - by chance because I had a sampler pack of the banana flavour boost spare I tried combining them and weirdly it created a nice natural fruit taste and the synthetic berry aftertaste went. if you have a blender you could also try blending in an actual banana with it. I used to do this using chopped up frozen chunks of banana.

not exactly no - you could say approximation but not sure its that close :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, i’ll try adding a banana in there and see how it goes.

Personally I find the flavour boosts more intense and sweet than the premixed powders, you only need a tiny bit. The powders tend to be more subtle… still sweet though.

Very true, the banana boost makes the berry taste more natural, actually nice. Thanks going to have to buy a tub of banana powder :smiley:

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