Banana flavour?

I just bought my first 2 huel bags and I really enjoy the taste, but banana flavour tastes more like an apple.

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Oh wow! :apple: :banana: That’s quite impressive, an apple flavour is probably quite hard to achieve! The Banana flavour we have with Huel is much more like a blended banana smoothie, as opposed to a traditional banana confectionery flavour. I personally don’t taste any apple notes, but you might get more ‘green banana’ flavours.

Which other flavours do you have? Glad you’re liking your Huel though! Welcome to the team!

the banana is spot on

bananalicious yo

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. The old banana was the good stuff.


and it’s amaaaaazing :smiley:

I also have vanilla and it is really difficult to stop drinking it:)

yep, it really was.