Going to give it another go with new berry

After trying huel to gain a bit of weight and use as a healthy alternative breakfast i sadly had to take a couple of months break. I was suffering with severe stomach cramps and finding the vanilla way to sickly for my liking.
I have decided to give it another go with a bag of berry flavour and coffee flavour.
Has anyone any opinions on the new berry huel? Soon as I’ve tried i will give it a review.

It’s sweetness is subtle. Flavour is too, not overpowering. It’s… mild. Easy to drink that way, I suppose. I do add sweetness to it (Raspberry flavdrops) as I like my Huel sweet.

Coffee is also very subtle in its sweetness, more so than berry. In fact, it’s almost a little bitter. Doesnt really taste coffee. Some New Vanilla but less sweet.

It should be with me tomorrow as i placed my order on a Sunday but can’t wait to taste it.
I think I read somewhere that you can add a spoon of coffee to the coffee flavoured huel to add some more flavour. Do I just use my normal nescafe and stir it in or do I mix with a little water first then shake it through.

Try mixing it with ice cold sweetened almond milk, minimal fat, extra calcium and vitamins - makes the whole experience taste like a thick milkshake :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the berry for a couple of days now and if I’m honest i was a little disappointed. it smells of berry soon as you add the water but I can’t really taste it. I usually take a small lunch box full of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry etc with me to work and im thinking of just blending them into my huel. I also found just leaving it in fridge overnight has helped thicken it up and I find less lumps.

Has anyone else tried adding fruit to huel for extra taste and thickness?

Yes, and it works very well. Berries thicken it and add flavour. Cherries are my favourite to date. Strawberries turned out a bit insipid. Blueberries, raspberries and a pack of frozen mixed berries all worked well. I used about a handful per scoop (nice, precise measurement there, sorry),

If you have a good blender you can just chuck it all in together but if not, blend the fruit first then add it as normal. Best served chilled! :yum:

Thats brilliant thank you. I didn’t think about using frozen mixed berrys that would be much cheaper than using fresh all the time. I’m doing a food shop tommorow so will let you know how I get on.