Mix with milk and other goodies?

Hey guys,

New to Huel, and well first one was Vanilla with water and gotta say, I didnt love the taste nor did my wife.
So I threw a whole banana in there and that seemed to make it bearable.

So I wanted some ideas, this morning I did a bit of Organic Peanut butter with a banana in my Huel.

But was thinking could you take this with Milk like a milkshake?
I saw Coca powder as an option, but what else will work that one would have around the kitchen, like Peanut butter?

Yes you can use milk.

I quite like coffee. Cinnamon is also a good one.

Adding milk with alter the calories and macros. I mix mine 1 litre at a time in a blender, divide into 2 500ml portions and leave in the fridge. The consistency becomes much thicker after an hour or two. I actually love the taste of it either way!

My first day was just water & Huel and I was very underwhelmed too. I since add banana & raspberries (or blueberries) and only a few days later now love it !! Just had my Huel lunch on the move right now, off to another meeting on a full stomach :grinning:

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Um do some research about cow milk and why humans shouldn’t be drinking it first… might put you off and show you the health benefits of drinking a plant based milk.

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Ok so maybe I wont be doing it with milk lol…
I had it with a teaspoon of nutela for lunch and it wasn’t too bad.
I agree with the leaving it a little longer and it goes thicker which is nicer.

Yeah it’s really not that bad. Humans have been drinking it for centuries if not longer and we’re just fine.

Before you go crazy adding a bunch of stuff to your Huel, ask yourself why you are drinking it. Whether it is for convenience, money savings or weight loss, adding a lot of things to it makes little sense to me. A lot of what I have seen on this subforum is people playing with the idea of making Huel so much more complicated than it needs to be. It is fuel, not gourmet.

While milk definitely works, I think it is fun to keep my Huel vegan. I am a meat eater otherwise, but I like keeping out animal products where it is dead easy (besides, I get rectal fireworks from lactose). Peanut butter is nice also, but incredibly calorific.

I will admit, the first time I had Huel I struggled to finish it. I just found it a little bit nauseating. I got used to it, though. After all, I do not consume Huel for the flavor. The trick is to cool it down as much as possible. Add 4-6 ice cubes!

My second trick to making my Huel actually nice is the mocha flavoring you can buy on the website. It is nice! It says to add half a teaspoon per something something units. I say go big or go home. One topped teaspoon of mocha flavoring in my 3-scoop Huel shake and I am set!