Hi New here and just put in my first order,this is prob in the wrong place but can you mix with milk and how much huel. thanks

Yes you can mix with milk.

Amount used is down to personal preference but around about 3 scoops or 100g per 500ml liquid. Depends on the thickness you like.

Hi thanks for your quick reply I am 67 years old and want the huel as a replacement meal

Personally, I use 100g Huel with 500ml liquid. I normally use 250ml plant milk and 250ml water, although recently just water. That’s just right for me. Also I, like many others, find it best to mix it up and refrigerate overnight, it tastes and feels better and smoother than mixing and drinking straight away.

I use it to replace breakfast and lunch, and its great for either of those scenarios. I have recently started using for an evening meal too…but if I was just going to replace one meal for me it would be breakfast or lunch.

Anyway it’s a friendly forum, and loads of people to offer advice/suggestions (and crappy humour).

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I have 2 scoops in a full shaker - 400ml water first, add Huel, shake (or blend if you’re using a blender), add the rest of the water, shake or blend again. I put in about 100ml of Alpro almond milk and for some reason it thickens it up - it doesn’t take much. You can use milk, but if you’re counting calories you obviously have to take that into consideration.

I use two scoops to 400ml water at lunchtime but am thinking of adding 100ml (unsweetened) almond milk today. I use almond milk on my granola for breakfast too and find it delicious. Especially if I let it sit for a few mins to soak in.
Hope you enjoy whatever way you choose to mix your Huel, Larry. I certainly do.

Welcome Larry.
I have never tried it with milk but will do. I use a blender, 400ml of water first then put 3 scoops of original Vanilla in, I just prefer to blend it rather than hand shake it. I also prefer it when it’s been in the fridge for a while, I mix my breakfast Huel and work Huel the night before and put them in the fridge. The 400ml of water is my preferred mix but like already said you can add more water after if it’s too thick for you, or start with 2 scoops. All the best hope you like it.

Hey Larry, welcome to the Forum! Yes milk is a popular hack that Huelers use. Personally I find it a little too rich tasting and it will obviously change the nutritional profile (adding in all the nutrients – fats, sugars, additional vitamins/minerals – in milk). I think a good way to get somewhere in between that doesn’t change the nutrition too much but still makes Huel tasty creamier is to go 50:50 water and milk.

Hope this helps! I personally just have Huel with water, and most do this, so be sure to try with both!

Thanks for your reply Tim i plan to have one replacement meal every day, and am trying to work out how much huel i would need for say a month. After i finish my first order of course

As mentioned earlier, I added 100ml unsweetened almond milk to my usual 2 scoop/400ml lunch shake. Not sure I could taste a lot of difference but the extra liquid was certainly not detrimental to the thickness and texture. Tomorrow I will try 500ml water to my 2 scoops to compare.