Blending Huel Powder with Milk

How do you blend Vanilla Huel with milk as every time I try to do it, the Huel becomes so thick that the blender is unable to mix it? :sob: I add 250ml of full fat milk then 3 scoops of Huel.

I tried using water and no blender instead and it was really bad to try and drink with it’s grainy texture and watered down flavour :cold_face:

I like to make my drinks up to a thick texture. To achieve this I’ve found my optimal ratio to be 300mls of milk, 4 scoops of huel and then 3000mls of water. I use a blender to blend this up. I don’t use full fat milk. I use almond or oatmilk, or, occasionally skimmed cows milk. I feel milk works better for the chocolate and mint chocolate flavours.

500-600ml with 3 scoops?

yeah 250ml with 3 scoops would be pretty thick.

Really? How big is your blender? :open_mouth:

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Your liquid to powder ratio is very low, it will be very thick at that ratio, perhaps add another 150-250ml of water as well?

1.2L (Morphy Richards)

Hmmm…does it have an overflow pipe?

I don’t think so. It’s got a removable cap in the lid to pop food in.

Ok I give up :woman_facepalming:

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Must mean 300ml and 300ml, surely!!! No one could drink 3L of Huel in one go!! Unless @D90019 is actually a giant…


Oh yes sorry yes I have now seen my error. Yes 300ml not 3l.

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Thanks for all your help guys! I used 400ml of milk with 3 scoops whilst blending then topped it up with another 100ml of milk and that did the trick :metal:t3: