First Day

I just received my first 2 bags vanilla Huel.
I had it for lunch with 200ml of Almond Milk and 200ml of water with 3 Huel Scoops bleneded with a Hand Blander.
Is it normal that the final result has a quite thick texture?
It almost feels like a paste.
Thank you

That would be around 400 ml of water/milk. I think the recommendation is to use about 550-600 ml. So just try taking a little bit more milk or water and it will become “more fluid”.

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Thank you
How much water should I put for a Huel Snack then?(1scoop)

I haven’t had much luck using almond milk - always comes out very thick. I’d recommend just sticking to water first and seeing how you find that.

I tend to mix my shakes with approximately 200ml liquid per scoop - ideally 75% water and 25% unsweetened almond milk when I have it. The almond milk adds a very slight creaminess to the taste - that’s the only reason I use it.

So, for my usual two-scoop meal, it’s 300ml water and 100ml almond milk (or - if I’ve run out of almond milk - 400ml water).

After leaving in the fridge overnight, the consistency is just right for me.