Almond Milk - HELP

I’ve been experimenting with using almond milk instead of skimmed milk but I can’t seem to get the consistency right at all.

My usual huel would be 3 scoops (usually vanilla with a flavour boost of some sort) and 400ml of semi skimmed milk. I tried with almond milk but 400ml of almond milk seemed much thicker, but when I mix with water, it seems less creamy.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Some plant milks contain gums that cause the Huel to thicken. Alpro is one that really causes Huel to thicken a lot! Like you I prefer it not too thick ! So personally I use 400-500ml water and 100ml plant milk if it contains gums.

I prefer plant milks without thickeners however. I’ve found Oatly to be my absolute favourite - I can use 400ml Oatly and 100-200ml water and it’s amazing. But even 100 or 200 ml of Oatly will make it creamier and tastier without thickening it.

There are others without thickeners. I can’t think of an almond one off the top of my head but I would read the ingredients of any you can find and see if there is one.

Anyone else know of an almond milk with no gums / thickeners? @Bee @Coup @hunzas @Ian42 just randomly tagging some regulars here who I think sometimes use plant milks!


I don’t use plant milks I’m afraid.

The only reason I sometimes use plant milk in Huel (100ml almond or oat milk with 300ml water per 100g Huel) is to make my shakes thicker. Plant milk manufacturers would use gums for the same reason Huel does; as an emulsifier to keep the powder in suspension in water and stop it separating out, so I doubt there will be any without gums. You could always make your own plant milk but that would be a bit of a faff.

I did make my own almond milk once upon a time. It is indeed a faff (and expensive) but the result is incredible especially if you use fresh, organic, bitter almonds. I have to say I wouldn’t waste it by adding it to anything not even Huel !

I’d use up the left over crushed almond pieces in my porridge - equally delicious


I use Plenish organic almond it only contains filtered water almonds and a little sea salt. 250 ml with 150 ml water 3 scoops creamy but not too thick :+1:


Sorry can’t help I don’t either.

Thanks @KevinPo64707310 I knew there were some without thickeners :ok_hand:t2:

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Rude Health doesn’t contain any thickeners. It’s expensive though. And their social media dudes are fuckwits.


Thanks for all your suggestions guys! Went out and bought some Oatly to make my lunchtime Huel - so today I’ve gone with 200ml Oatly, 200ml water and 3 scoops of chocolate huel plus 2 tsp of peanut powder to try and mimic a Reeses shake. Not bad! :grinning:

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