Thick Huel with almond milk

I made Huel with (unsweetened) almond milk and it turned into pudding! I use an electric hand whisk and straight away it went the consistency of whipped cream. I like my Huel fairly thick but I could eat it with a spoon!

Now, it’s not entirely a bad thing (although I added more water as I just wanted to drink it) but - has anyone else had this or know why almond milk had such an effect?

Nope, I use almond milk - normally alpro in my Huel (admittedly 50/50 with water) and never had that issue. I also leave it in fridge overnight which thickens it a bit, but not to the extent you indicate.

How much huel and how much almond milk did you use. For ref: I use 100g and 250ml almond milk/250ml water

I used 100% almond milk, 3 scoops to 400ml (then usually add more water when it’s blended). So - pretty thick to start with, but with water it’s nowhere near as thick.

Like I said, no bad thing - I may use the recipe if I ever want to serve Huel ice cream!

I tried this morning 2.2 vainilla huel with only oat milk and damn was horrible, the milk gave it a ultra sweet taste, even though is one of the best vegetables milk brands with minimum sugar…

Horrible, i had to spill almost everything

Lesson learned, milk is only to add some flavour or texture, nothing else

Yes, I’ve had exactly the same thing. Using Almond milk to make Huel makes it very very thick, so thick it would barely slide out when trying to drink it!

which brand do you use? I’ve never had an issue with Alpro.

Either Sainbury’s own Unsweeted Almond milk, or the long-life one which Aldi sell.

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Aldi long life here as well - the unsweetened version. Maybe Alpro has a different formula?


It might be that milk had some soya in it, soya tends to thicken a lot.

Probably down to the thickeners in Alpro almond milk (Locust Bean Gum and Gellan Gum) added to the thickeners (Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum) in Huel powder.

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I had the same. Alpro almond unsweetened with Vanilla. 300mls of almond milk, 76g of Huel. In the morning it was like a thick paste. I just added a bit of water and gave it a good shake.
Much much thicker than using water.

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I use the same Alpro almond milk. I only add 100 ml to the shaker or blender and for the rest I use water. You only need a very small amount of almond milk to thicken your Huel (which makes it quite economical too!)


So my normal shake is 200ml almond milk, 100g Huel, top up with water.

Tried making this with just almond milk and it went very gloopy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Here is an interesting vid about that - well about plant milks in general:


I’m ok with the gloopyness but it tends to take a bit of shifting from the shaker, one day I’ll end up wearing it :joy: this morning I just added a bit more water after a couple of sips and gave it an extra shake and it was fine.