How to make Huel more thicker

Hi, Since the new Huel came out I’ve been trying to make it make ‘thicker’ it’s been so many months and I still can’t find a solution. I tried everything; more ice, less ice, less powered, more powder, less bananas, 50% almond milk 50% water but nothing works it comes out like water.
How do I make it more thick?
I use a blender most of the times and almond milk… any recommendations?

I do a tiny bit less water than they recommend, plus a tsp of psyllium husk, then chill it. I like to blend ice in too but it is fairly thick even without.

Use almond milk that contains a thickener or more of a thickener.

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Really? I tried less water, like 200 gr water and 250 almond milk… it’s not thick at all. What’s psyllium ?

Which one is that?

Best way to thicken it is to leave in the fridge overnight.

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I do leave it overnight but it’s very watery. Today I just added more powder and it was better but I want to add less powder, that’s the problem. So I assume much more less almond milk and water?

Some methods I use include blending with a banana, adding whey protein or using milks (dairy or dairy free).

Look for one that contains Locust bean gum, Gellan gum, Guar gum, Carrageenan, Xanthan gum or similar ingredients. Some plant-milks contain more of the thickeners than others, so test a few.

Alternatively try some other plant-milk, like oat milk, which is gonna have even more thickeners.

Alpro has absolutely ruined my huel every time I’ve used it and left in the fridge over night, so that might be worth a try.

Alternatively, get some xanthan gum and thicken it yourself that way?

you could also chuck in some chia seeds - they exude a mucilage layer when in contact with liquid and make everything they touch very gloopy.

Similar to what @Phil_C said about chia seeds - psyllium husk comes from seeds and makes a mucilage layer too. It’s soluble fibre so it absorbs water.

Chia seeds are great for thickening but do need time to work. A couple of hours at least. Overnight is even better.

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Hey there, I’m concerned that reducing the water in your Huel isn’t making it thicker. That is how to make your Huel thicker, it’s very linear. How thick are you expecting it to go? And if chilling isn’t working either then that’s weird. Tell me, when you make your Huel does it separate when you leave it on the side and you have to shake it every time to mix/emulsify it?

On this subject, the lunch Huel I fridged last night, with a little too little water, didn’t flow when I turned the bottle upside down.

Less water definitely makes it thicker.

I ran out of chilled filtered water in my Brita jug, so ended up putting less water in than usual.

It was lovely and thick! This was Black Vanilla with some cacao powder in.

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