Thickening Huel?

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I am finally on my second batch of huel (a little spread out since orders, due to losing my job) but I was wondering how people thicken it. The last time I used huel I was part of the rugby and weight lifting society and I was a great way to manage my packed days of uni -> gym -> Training -> gaming. At the moment I live a very sedentary life, for several reasons. A main one is because I’m a little lazy, but another one is job searching, Masters work and Medical reasons, so I needed something to help cut my calories down easily.

ANYWAY, preface aside, I want to be able to thicken it without adding to the calorie count, even something not organic (i.e. food thickeners), as I find the thicker it is, the more ‘satisfying’ it is to drink. I already add a banana (normally under ripe, i find this works best to thicken rather than ripe bananas) and some oats occasionally. I work around 2 scoops in the morning and 3 scoops in the afternoon and a nice filing meal in the evening so adding much more calories would definitely break the (calorie) bank [for my activity levels].

Any Suggestions?

Not sure if it would satisfy you but I usually just decrease the amount of liquid to make it thicker. E.g. 400ml per 114g instead of the recommended 550ml. Another possibility is to put it in the freezer (you can turn it into ice cream that way :wink: ). Using milk or milk alternative makes the difference, too.

It gets thicker if you leave it for a while. I make my lunchtime huel at breakfast and store it in the fridge until its time to eat. Its much thioker and better than freshly made huel imho. (I’m using the unflavored)


Regucol from Holland and Barrett, 2 teaspoons.

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You can purchase thickening products in shops and just add a little bit, never tried it myself so you would have to experiment. But certainly leaving it in the fridge overnight will thicken it too!

Caution with thickening products (essentially modified maize starch) I use that stuff at work (healthcare) for those who have swallowing difficulties and it’s very easy to over do and end up with a solid blob of jelly

Most instructions say 1/2 scoops of thickener for a 100ml. I would half that!! a scoop of thickener to 200ml…it doesn’t go thick immediately (SO WAIT) as if you add more you end up with a brick

Add slow is the key and wait if I had a penny for every time I messed it up over 9 years I’d be rich!!

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Hi guys - have a read

If you run Huel 2.x in a mixer, it will be thick as jelly.