Thicker Huel


Does anyone have any suggestions for making huel thicker w/o changing the calories too much?

Im thinking like a bulking agent? Because I don’t want to use less water or add more huel/ or add more fruit like bananas. I guess its because I miss the old huel which was much thicker and more filling (imo)

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

chia seeds…ground in a coffee grinder will do the trick…alters the texture tho.

Xanthan gum is a good thickener, but don’t use more than about 0.5g per meal or it will become too solid.


If this works then thanks a bunch for the suggestion… Will try tomorrow for lunch.

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If you have time to do so, stick it in the fridge for several hours…

I did this once the ‘night before’ to save a wee bit of time on my breakfast shake, and the overnight chilling made it so thick, I had to add more water to it! This was 100g Huel to 500ml water.

Thank you!
I’m gonna try out the chia seed and Xanthan gum suggestion

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Just add less water…


Just wanted to jump on and say thanks for the suggestion - I now have 125g Huel to around 750ml of water (up to the lid), and mix it with 1.5-2g of Xanthan Gum. Makes for a larger and more satisfying thick Huel. Also found other uses for it - such as thickening casein to make a real thick ‘yoghurt’. Thanks again.

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You could try using almond milk instead of water. When using almond milk I have to use a blender, as it’s too hard to mix up fully otherwise.

The xanthan gum trick would be the simplest solution though. AFAIK that’s pretty much the food industry standard for thickening stuff up.