Adding thickeners to huel powder?

Has anyone tried adding a thickener to huel? I am currently preparing huel vanilla 3.0 in a nutri ninja auto iq blender (thanks @jp_mcdougall !), but the mixture is just a little thin/watery for my taste. I’m thinking of adding xantham gum (which I use frequently in baking, being a coeliac) to it. I believe people often add flaxseed or chia seed to smoothies to thicken them. Has anyone tried anything like that with huel? Or maybe I’m being an idiot and should just adjust the powder:water ratio?

I can’t think why you’d try a thickener before trying this. How much water/powder are you currently using?


What @David said. Also are you letting it stand for a while after mixing? In or out of the fridge.

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Through inexperience :wink: This is only day 2 of being back on powdered huel (dabbled with it a couple of years ago, then used RTD only for the last several months). Yesterday’s and today’s batches were made according to the instructions (500ml water, 2 scoops powder). I’ve already decided to reduce the water in the mixture for tomorrow, but I thought I’d ask for advice here anyway. :slight_smile:

@Bee It’s standing in the fridge overnight.



I posted the below yesterday as I like it thick also. Using Alpro works for me as it has gum in it which gives a better consistency I think. Glad you are enjoying the nutri ninja!!

I enjoyed Black vanilla from the get go so decided to try Black chocolate. Had my first one yesterday just mixed with 200ml Alpro almond milk and 120ml of water. I thought it was ok without the chemical taste some people speak of. Due to always drinking mine as soon as I make it I don’t use too much liquid as I like it thick but don’t have time to let it thicken. I like to use Alpro as this gives a thicker consistency due to the gum in it.
Tonight I tried Black chocolate with 200ml Alpro almond milk and 120ml Alpro chocolate plant protein milk, a scoop of peanut butter and some ice cubes (I like it cold as well as thick) Blitzed up in my nutri ninja I have to say it was glorious. I know the plant milks and the peanut butter makes it quite calorific but for post workout it’s and absolute winner and it tastes amazing. Huel Black is definitely working for me!


I like my Huel quite thick. As well as using a low water to powder ratio I also substitute water for milk (diary and plant based). I also add a banana to blend into the mix and also add cacao powder or protein powder on occasion. I find these items usually thicken the mix to my satisfaction.


That’s what I do (fridge overnight), and it perfectly thick for me. (assuming 50g scoops). It is about the same thickness as the RTD although admittedly not same texture. Xanthan gum would be better than chia seeds in my opinion as the latter will be a bit more gloopy/slimy.

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I’ve tried psyillum husks - the first time I added a whole tablespoon which was way too much, it went like a pudding! But a scant teaspoon seems to be a good amount. Might help you if you are having constipation issues too but obv not a good idea if your guts have gone the other way on Huel! I only have one Huel a day so that hasn’t been a problem.

fenugreek powder thickens it

also reduces hunger and increases testosterone

dont have too much though it makes you nauseaus

in my experience chia seeds dont thicken it

in my experience they do bruvva.


I imagine that makes it a little too thick


especially in a leap year


it didnt thicken it it just had lots of chia seeds glooping in the mixture.

did you use a blender or a shaker? If you use a blender it definitely will.


i used a shaker

Did you leave to stand? Chia seeds need a little time in liquid to become gelatinous.

i didnt no

i can imagine that wud work tho

I make my Huel super thick by not adding so much water. 125g Huel vanilla, 400ml water. Don’t use the fridge, well only if I have some leftover for the next day.






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Add extra oats, blend, leave in fridge overnight. Nice and thick :yum: