I'm weird and add extra xanthan gum

So I like to make my huel quite thick, but obviously adding less water = smaller meal and I’m a hungry bunny :joy: So I’ve recently been adding extra xanthan gum to my huel and I now get the thickness I like but with the 500ml water. If you, like me, get hungry but don’t want to add extra huel - this might work for you!


I sometimes have a larger portion of Huel powder (maybe ~110-120g) depending on my blood glucose readings. I use almond m-lk however and this normally means the best part of 500ml per meal. I often risk running out of this because of the amount I use, so adding about 450ml of water instead is a good back-up option.

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if you’ve got a blender - adding a few pieces of dried fruits instead such as apricots or figs - thickens it up a lot - even with 500ml of water

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Thanks Phil - wondering if flame raisins would work! Only one way to find out…

I think anything dried/fibrous like that will have the same effect. depends how much you add. If I make two meals in the blender, 3 or 4 dried figs is enough to thicken up both drinks a lot.

I guess the benefit of xanthan gum is that the nutrition it adds is minimal, adding dried fruit would add some extra sugars obviously. It’s bold you’re adding your own xanthan gum, Emma! So easy to get that wrong, if you add too much it’s turns into a Huel jelly :face_vomiting:

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Yes - I’ve definitely learned the hard way on how much is okay to put in - but half a teaspoon seems to do the job!

yeah that’s true - some frozen chopped unripened banana has a similar effect too in the blender - because the bananas starches haven’t changed to sugars yet. either option is better than chia seeds that I tried once and the mucilaginous little blighters turned my shake into ectoplasm.


me too. we can be weird together

I just saw a video where a guy added Xanthan Gum to his regular protein shakes to make it more like a “meal”.

Has anyone tried it with the Huel Complete Protein to make it thicker, like a yoghurt or ice cream?

Does it matter what brand you use?

Do you have any gas problems caused by xantham/guar gum? How much have you added to a regular (500ml) shake?