Can you mix Huel with milk?

I was going to add this to another thread but I thought it might be easier if I started a new topic. Someone mentioned mixing it with less water to achieve a thicker consistency and it got me thinking. Could you mix Huel with milk? I know it would add some fat and other stuff to it, but I was just thinking it might make a nice change now and again???

Sure, and yes it would make it thicker and creamier. You could even add ice cream sometimes. Simply work out the additional calories you have add and subtract these from your daily allowance.

That has genuinely opened up a lot of flavour possibilities.

Yummy! Huel milkshakes I think it is!

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It works wonderfully. I usually go with water, but the taste is way better with milk (I use semi-skimmed milk). Thinking about trying unsweetened almond milk next time :smile: But, as I exercice a lot, mixing it with milk helps me reach my high calorie intake.

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Just a quick update, I’ve tried mixing it with unsweetened almond milk, and it’s AWESOME! Great texture & taste, I’ve made a 3 scoop shaker with 500ml of unsweetened almond milk, it just adds an extra 50 calories (~10 calories per 100ml), and it mixes pretty well.
Will never use water after that :stuck_out_tongue:


I find (plain, unflavoured) huel unbearable without some milk.

This is how I do:

  • 1/3 semi-skimmed milk
  • 2/3 water
  • 5-6 stevia sweetener drops
  • one big spoon of raw cocoa powder.

It tastes really nice, and you’re not adding many calories.
You can also replace the cocoa powder with cinnamon.
Keep it varying, otherwise you can’t hold the liquid diet for long!

Thanks so much for suggesting unsweetened almond milk Arjun_Wija!

I just got my first delivery of Huel last night. Tried it with water for dinner and was really put off by the watery texture and the not quite strong enough flavour.

I used semi skimmed milk this morning which gave great taste and texture but doesn’t really seem in the spirit of what Huel is all about.

Unsweetened almond milk is definitely the goldilocks solution! Great texture and taste for so few extra calories!

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Try with 200ml less water.

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@Raymondcal is right the amount of water you add makes a big difference the flavour and texture of Huel, experiment with different amounts to find which amount you prefer. You can make Huel as thick or thin as you like with water alone.

I really like mixing Huel with Oatly chocolate milk drink -

I normally do 50/50 liquid between this and water with 3 scoops of unflavoured. It’s only around 60cal per 100ml and has a really nice dark chocolate taste. It doesn’t require any additional sweetener or cocoa powder in my opinion!

I too have tried that with same 50/50 split with water. Good shout.

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If you are using Huel hoping to lose weight, I would steer clear of stevia drops. There is considerable research suggesting it causes insulin spikes, which contribute to storing fat.

Meh, ignore this and stick to your calorie deficit. Plenty of people on this forum have experienced weight loss with and without stevia.

There’s no way to get around the laws of physics just because you used a certain sweetener.