Ideas to spice Huel up?

Hi all, just started with Huel and enjoying it. Mainly doing it to reduce sugar intake as I tend to eat very high sugar foods. Anyone got any tips or tricks to make Huel more interesting without adding too much unnecessary sugar?
Thank you all!!

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Hey @Flosinkinson welcome to Huel and to the forum :slight_smile:
Check out the recipes category - there are loads of suggestions in there.

A few well tried and tested, and most popular ideas seem to be:
-Huel flavour boosts (11 to choose from!)
-Instant coffee granules
-Raw Cacao powder
-Peanut butter powder (less fat, tastes awesome)
-Fruit (bananas or berries work better than citrus. Frozen fruit in a blender with Huel works really well)


Myprotein do some zero calorie flavour drops - toffee goes well with vanilla huel and white chocolate supposedly goes well with Berry huel!

I like adding decaf coffee to my Huel occasionally also.

There are loads of ideas on the forum if you do a search for how to flavour Huel.