Tell us your favourite Huel recipe!

Hey Huelers,

To help new Huelers start experimenting with different flavours and ideas for how to make up their Huel, we’re looking for four recipes to put in our welcome booklet.

We’ve come up with three recipes that we think are brilliant:

1 - Coffee and Ice
We love this, it has to be an addition. Easily shaken, no need for blender, perfect and easy for newcomers to Huel.

2 - Berry and Banana
Adding fruits to Huel is a classic, so we’ve come up with our own custom version.

3 - Peanut/Curry
We found this one on the forum (thanks @Imogen_Rose for this!) and it had to be included. We wanted a savoury alternative and this fit the bill.

4 - We need your help!

Post your ideas below, we’ll try them and decide which should be included. The winner will be mentioned in the booklet and there could be an additional prize involved!

The only rules are that the recipe should be simple, tasty and involve ingredients that most people will already have in their house.

Good luck!

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Coffee & ice, and our Matcha Tea flavour with ice are my two favs. Also the new Cacao flavour pouch is going down well in at Huel HQ.

How about cheese powder and Aromat? That’s another savoury flavour.
Apple sauce and cinnamon is also yummy, as another sweet flavour. Half a cup of apple sauce and a level teaspoon of cinnamon.


@terriann I’ve never tried either but certainly will give them a go.

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Huel. Why fix something that’s not broken?


We don’t think Huel is broken, what we are trying to do is give people a few quick and easy options for a couple of reasons. Firstly, some people don’t like the taste of Huel vanilla or unflavoured. This is expected because taste is subjective and no flavour / food is universally liked. Secondly, we all like a bit of variety now and then.

Lemon juice and grated, or at a push powdered, ginger.


I like spicy tomato huel! I replace half the water with tomato juice and add in lime juice, fresh coriander (stems and all!), a couple of spoonfuls of plain yogurt, and chili flakes. If I’m not going to be drinking it at work, I’ll also add garlic powder. I’ve tried it with fresh garlic, but wasn’t fond of the bite that the uncooked clove gave.

It’s really nice and the only huel recipe that my partner will drink.


Has anyone tried Huel mixed with Soylent?

This tastes delicious and makes 2 shakes, so I use it to replace 2 meals:

1 Litre of Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 Banana
200g Vanilla Huel
3 Heaped teaspoons instant coffee
1 level dessert spoon of peanut butter (preferably made from peanuts and nothing else)

Whizz in blender, leave in fridge overnight and there you have a delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunch!

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