20 Minute Meals

Hey guys, so i just got my first batch of huel today and ive not had the best experience. Ive found that having huel as a basic drink doesnt really work for me and couldnt get used to the taste. Now im not one to quit so i thought id check the forum out for recipe ideas, however as im a student, im not really into cooking, and when i do, im limited by cost of extra ingredients, and also by the utensils i have available (could obviously buy some but as i share a flat i have very limited kitchen space)

So i was wondering if people could suggest recipes and ideas, but keeping in mind it needs to be really simple, like 3-4 ingredients, or use little kitchen equipment, but adds to the taste of huel. So maybe like basic pies, cookies, even just bread made from huel which could be fairly straight forward.

So ya, thanks folks!

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If you just got it today, trust me, you’ve not experimented enough with it as a drink yet. It took me a week or two to get used to it and that’s just because I hadn’t found the right flavour/temperature/consistency for me yet. What flavour Huel are you using and what liquid are you mixing with and at what ratio? That should start us off

So far its the berry one but i also have coffee, and some flavour samples. I think id prefer it to be a little thicker next time so i’ll not use as much water. But the idea is i dont want this to feel like a chore, id rather make it something i enjoy more if that makes sense

Yeah for sure, I hope you get some good suggestions on here as I am also interested in simple recipes. There’s loads of stuff if you use the search function on the forum though.

As for the mix, I personally like to make my shakes with 400ml of water, 2 heaped scoops of new and improved vanilla flavour, and a splash of milk for good luck. Many people suggest leaving it in the fridge for an hour or two makes it smoother and tastier (not necessarily sweeter)

Yeah i was going to switch to milk instead of water and experiment with that, ive also noticed some people have suggested different syrups that could work too. I also need to try and consume a lot, as im trying to gain weight (not because im looking to bulk up, im just a lazy student who doesnt eat much so im super skinny) so some things to boost calorie intake would also be appreciated.

Yeah for sure, in that case use whole milk i bet that would be delicious especially with the coffee one! Not sure about berry though…

If it helps I absolutely hated Huel the first time I drank it, and it definitely took a bunch of experimenting and my taste(& texture) buds to get used to it. Now, I look forward to my Huel everyday :slight_smile: I think you’ll find that this is quite a common experience for many of us Huellers!

But for your original question, the Huel website has tons of recipes.

  • I love ice blending my Huel, it feels like a Frappuccino to me
  • I’m going to try to make Huel into crepes (substituting the flour for Huel), since crepes literally just need flour, eggs, milk, water and maybe butter if you’re looking to gain weight. Spread some Nutella on that and I’m sure you’ll have a bombass meal :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Oatmeal Huel cookies? Subbing Huel for the flour.
  • Microwave mug cakes—tons of calories, takes little time to prepare
  • Different flavour boosts: chocolate, mocha and matcha are my favourites. Adding instant coffee helps too.

I’ve tried the following recipes and they’re honestly fantastic. Haven’t explored into baking with Huel yet because I’m striving for a calorie deficit and pure Huel helps the best for this haha. But if you try them let me know how it goes! Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks that sounds great. I’ll be sure to try some! especially the mug cakes. Definitely sounds like a student snack! :joy:

Get a pack of Curry super noodles, cook them, stir in a shake comprising of 500ml water/100g of Huel. Heat gently… bosh.

Might try that sometime although im not a major fan of noodles. Just had a coffee one and mixed it with milk and had 2 scoops instead of three. Tastes a lot better. Maybe i’ll stick with 2 scoops and maybe try moving upto 3 once im more used to the tastes. Going from a fairly unhealthy lifestyle to this is a lot for my body to take :joy: