Just ordered my starter pack!

Hey Huelers! (is this a common word already?)

I just ordered my first batch of Huel after checking out a lot of reviews and going back-and-forth on doing so for a while. I’d love to hear your suggestions about the best way to start using it. The reason I want to start using Huel is because I really detest cooking (I’m a lazy student), and I notice that a lot of the time I tend to go for something unhealthy and quick rather than cooking. In order to break this bad habit I thought it would be a good idea to start using Huel instead of dinners. It would be really great if I could get some tips about a smooth transition to Huel instead of meals. My main goal is to become healthier, rather than losing weight, although getting in better shape is never a bad thing.

I’m a pretty common male, 182cm long, around 75 - 80kg last time I checked. I sport around 3-4 hours per week but also go out a fair amount of times so a moderate amount of alcoholic beverages are also consumed per week.

Hope to hear from you!

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Yay! Yup Huelers is already a common word lol I’d start with replacing brekkie with it and building from there. Follow the instructions on the packaging, I usually blend mine but shaking in the bottle works too. Sometimes I blend with plant based milk and frozen fruit which is yummy. Let us know how you get on!

You will struggle at first, as your body wont be used t it. It took me about two weeks before i stopped feeling really full really fast when drinking it then it calmed down.

And yeah, replacing breakfast is a good start, it’ll make you realise just how the stuff you did have for breakfast previously left you starving by 11:30 whereas with Huel you’ll make it to lunch no problem. And that was me only having 2 scoops and not three!

Make sure you get lots of things to flavour it with too, I recommend cinnamon. If you can, a blender is recommended just for the smoother consistency and the ability to add fruit e.t.c. in, however the shaker works just fine too if you dont want any solid extras.