Huel shakes ideas with other dry goods added


New to Huel, started taking it 5 days ago - easing myself into it as recommended - 3-6 scoops a day so far.

Found myself getting a bit bloated when consuming 2-3 scoops in one go, and didn’t want to get bored of the flavour and texture too quickly so I decided to experiment with it a bit.

My current recipe is:

300mL water
1 scoop Huel vanilla
3 Tablespoons chia seeds
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder

Tastes great with the extra chocolately-ness (with no extra sugar), as well as the chia seeds add a lot to the texture and makes it more meal-like and more filling.

I know there are a variety of different recipes for cooking etc - but I’m more interested in having options where i can just use my shaker bottle and just use dry goods from the cupboard so i dont need to worry about needing a fridge and ingredients which go bad or needing other equipment like a blender/oven etc

Thought i would share my new recipe and interested to see if anyone has other recommendations, please post up here.