What do you add to your Huel?

As a newbie to Huel I have been trawling the forum for ideas to add flavour (other than the flavor packs) to Huel.

So far I seen people mixing Huel with Milk not water and adding things like:

  1. Banana
  2. 100ml ofFruit smoothie drink
  3. Whole orange and blending
  4. Coco powder

What do you add to your Huel as I’d love to hear some ideas.

One spoonful instant coffee. Delicious


Lots of threads, if you want to check out the search function. It is probably the number one question.

A lot of suggestions can be found here:

Thanks Ric,

As a fellow new Hueler, I thought I’d reply quickly, even though another thread has been referenced. anyway, I quite like the bog standard vanilla Huel with 550ml of water, but have added a handful of blueberries and that blended it all together. I;ve tried the strawberry flavouring, but I find I have to add more than recommended (half a teaspoon) to really taste it. Tomorrow’s mix will be just Huel and actual strawberries, blended. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I add nothing. Vanilla huel and water.

I’ve gotten a bit lazy. I started off with vanilla and was adding all sorts via a blender; frozen fruit/veg, fresh banana, almond nut butter, cocoa powder etc. and leaving it overnight in the fridge.

I bought some Christmas pudding Huel as reduced. Now I’m just adding chilled water to it, giving it a shake and drinking it straight away. It’s not as thick but I don’t mind!

I add chicken stock it teast like chicken soup coffe
Strawberries and blue berries
Macking lemon
And marmite tomorrow mad some cinamon 100g huel and riasns walnut growls will try tomorrow

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