How to make Huel taste nice?

Hey everyone,
I just purchased some vanilla Huel and tried that yesterday. I found it tasted okay, but perhaps a little weird and not something I could look forward to and enjoy on a daily basis.

So I thought I’d try one of the flavour samples and went with mocha as I heard it went well with coffee, but honestly I really didn’t like it. It tasted really sweet and I was worried I’d vomit it up if I had the whole thing so had to leave a bit left.

I want to try it again but with something that makes it actually taste nice. I know this is subjective, but ideas are welcomed. I still have all the other flavour samples left and I wondered if it would taste better with milk instead of water? I just don’t really wanna waste any more of it if I end up hating it.
So any advice to improve the taste without making it overly sweet? Cheers

There are loads of threads on ideas on how to flavour Huel. I have linked below to the biggest one. There is also a recipes section on the Huel main website.

I’ve had plenty of Huel milkshakes, they work great.

The Huel flavour pouches contain the sweetener Stevia and some people dislike the taste that can leave. I do use the Huel pouches but don’t be afraid to find your own way. 100% organic Cacao powder is nice. I often have a Vanilla Huel with a big teaspoon of Cacao powder in the morning.

I use the Vanilla Huel and make it up with milk, which gives it a nice oaty, porridgy taste. I’ve tried just using water but didn’t really go on it that much. Although, after reading various posts on here I might try making it with water and adding coffee/cocoa/cacao.

Sorry to hear that you aren’t getting along so well with the flavour of Huel - particularly the sweetness. Coup has linked to the main thread here about flavouring Huel. I personally find that chilling/adding ice reduces the sweetness a little. We do have an Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel too which might be worth getting your hands on as a 50:50 blend of Vanilla and UU has proved very effective.

The 50/50 mix is so much better in terms of adding flavour! I really didn’t get on with 100% plain or 100% vanilla, so I premix a big bag of 50/50.

I would imagine that vanilla and flavour pouch is causing the sweetness overload.

The cacao flavour huel does is very good and makes it taste like a normal protein chocolate shake! The strawberry one is my next favourite.

Yeah I adopt the 50/50 approach too…tis a good one for me - especially with 50/50 plant milk and water as well.

I would say it is not that difficult to work out great ideas. I posted on another thread: 1/2 Almond Milk Unsweetened and 1/2 Chocolate Almond Milk, 2 scoops Vanilla Huel, 1 tablespoon Nescafe Instant or 2-4 espresso shots, peanut butter, hazelnut extract. My current favorite. I throw in different stuff all the time, but I’m easy to please. lol I am fairly new to Huel but, if you love flavored steel cut oats, then you know how to flavor Huel pretty much. I make a sugar based sweetener with the goal of halving my sugar intake. I use Sugar, Monk Fruit powder and Stevia powder to make a 1:3 teaspoon replacement. 1 teaspoon = 3 in flavor and sweetness. I use 1/2 teaspoon usually.

To be honest, I think they have done a very good job at making it taste okay with so many good ingredients in there. I think it is the pea protein that people are generally not fond of, as on its own that stuff isn’t the nicest (putting it politely).

I haven’t tried the flavour additions yet, so cannot comment on them, but with the berry flavour I have added these things called Flavdrops to it from Myprotein, you don’t need much and it makes it so much nicer. They have a load of different flavours, so could work for the other powders.

Yet to try food additions and blending with other ingredients. Peanut butter sounds like a winner as that’s good with everything.

I don’t want to be promotional or anything, but if you are interested in the Myprotein drops, you can use this code for a 30% discount on over £35 spend - TOM-R1OR - I have no affiliation with them, they just are really good with Huel.

Thanks to the Huel team for the awesome product though. Not long been on it, but it’s great and I’m not going hungry between meals. It’s so convenient.

Other than the referral code :roll_eyes:

Myprotein is a bit like DFS sofas…virtually impossible to buy at a non-discounted price.

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In fact I just went to the website and can get a 33% discount without Tom’s referral.

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Haha whoops, well I guess there is a small affiliation, but what I meant is that my recommendation is completely genuine and unbiased. I tried those drops for the first time recently and they are really good with Huel. There may be many other good alternatives, and people are free to try them if they wish.

I did try these flavoured syrups from Myproteinworks, but felt like I needed to use more of the product to make the taste satisfactory for me.

Also, you’re right, however that discount is time sensitive and will be gone shortly.

I still think it’s a good permanent offer for anyone interested who meets that spend. But Myprotein are always chopping and changing their deals, so it is always worth double checking.


I like their drops too…I have recommended them on here several times, and I also like the Myprotein syrups. Also tried various others…there are quite a few around now. In many cases I prefer them to the Huel flavour pouches.