Flavour ideas help

Ok so day 2 and essentially replacing 2 meals a day with huel

On a day off I replace breakfast and lunch and have a sensible evening meal with the family

On a work day or a day I plan a cycle (20 miles) I have breakfast so I don’t crash while exercising and lunch and tea are huel.

I can stomach it but would not use the word nice I mixed the first few by hand and they were just plain 550ml water and 2 level scoops of vanilla huel they mixed well no lumps

I added fruit to the next (although I reckon blueberry and strawberry were the wrong choice very tart) again I smashed it down but didn’t enjoy

Today I read a load of positive reviews on adding coffee…most had added coffee granules.however I have a dolce gusto machine so made a cup let it cool and threw it in my usual 550:2 scoops mix.Not bad but not amazing and I blended it with a hand blender hoping to improve it but only a quick blitz

I just had about 100ml left and tried pouring it through a sieve good idea bad idea?? I guess I’ll be less full? Those bits that were left out are what I’m not enjoying I think

Guess I’m looking for some full proof tasty options ideally I don’t want to add to much junk to it or sugar otherwise I may as well just eat

I think I’m not enjoying the texture too does this stuff blend so the flak seed (or whatever the bits are disappear)

Best way to deal with the texture from my experience is to always blend. I blend a few chunks of frozen banana and/or strawberry to 100g huel & 500ml water, then I refrigerate overnight normally (I always make my 3 shakes the night before).

To mix it up I sometimes add coffee as you mentioned or a bit of alkalised cocoa powder to make a mocha style huel, this tends to taste a bit powdery sometimes so I blast in some ice and drink it without refrigerating.

Another thing I use; mainly if I need to quickly make one at work if I get peckish or forget to bring my pre mixed stuff is these myprotien flavdrops. Again with 100g/500ml.

I regularly cycle 20 miles to work and wait until I get to work to have Huel as it works really well as a recovery drink. I always blend mine and have a flavouring in it, Mocha, Choclate, Banana & Strawberry give a good variation but I look forward to the shakes as I like the taste and texture.

I’ve been mixing Robinson’s sugar free fruit squashes in and they taste yum. My favourite is lemon :slight_smile: Another thing I’ve found that has really helped to make it more palatable is add more water to the Huel. It’s not as nice to drink when it’s gloopy or thick. Blending it is definitely important too.

Thank you for choosing Huel Gareth, welcome to the forum!

Have you checked out this thread about flavourings?

Also, check out the page on our website - How to use Huel

The bits your are sifting out are the ground flaxseed, so by sifting them you may be missing out on vital fat sources and vitamins/minerals. But if it makes it more palatable for you then crack on. The problem is that the finer you grind flaxseed the more likely it is to go rancid due to oxidation.

Hope this helps.

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Hi thank you for the welcome, the interaction from this forum might keep me sane on my weight loss journey I’m always open to new ideas but I want simplicity when I make my huels

I don’t ordinarily sift out the flakseed just an experiment with the last bits of a huel when I was full to see what was getting to me …I have since added a banana and some vanilla essence (as instructed by the wife despite it being vanilla flavoured) which worked well I still get that little bit of a chemically taste but hey this is the first week and I’m going in gently trying to avoid blending a mars bar in there! :flushed:

More flavours and combos to try and to any disbelievers it works for weight loss I was an unhealthy 17st 1 and already this week it’s dropped me down to 3/4 pounds it will level out eventually then I might try 100% huel

In every large supermarket there is a bakery section which sells flavourings meant for flavouring cakes and things. I have bought a variety of these and they work wonders, and you can also buy food colouring to add too, since a strawberry flavoured drink somehow (psychologically) tastes better when it’s pink, LOL

I prefer mine thick like a milk shake, and I feel I have eaten when I have it like that. I use 400ml water to 4 scoops Huel, and I sip it alternately with a cup of coffee.

I also falvour with a teaspoon of good quality instant coffee sometimes, or with a heaped teaspoon of cocoa powder, though cocoa powder does have calories.

I sweeten as required with Stevia, especially for fruity flavours like strawberry, which I think need to be sweet.

Whole Organic Psyllium Husks are an excellent addition as they make Huel really thick and tummy filling and add even more fibre and protien without adding calories. This is especially good for weight loss, although I’m taking Huel to gain weight (I had malnutirtion from forgetting to eat), I still enjoy the feeling of having a full tummy, and somehow a runny liquid doesn’t work for me.

I hope these ideas of mine are useful.

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As above, refrigerating overnight is way nicer than making it with cold tap water. It’s surprising how much of a difference it makes.

Add a frozen banana and some coconut water (or coconut milk) then blend :slight_smile: Count the calories if dieting though!

I think I might try throwing in a handful of vegan Frazzle style crisps to a UU huel and see what happens. I’m in the mood for some wacky flavouring experiments this weekend.


I love the way you think, Wendy! Did it make a difference?!

I discovered I didn’t have any UU left so that particular experiment will have to wait a while. Instead I tried putting a spoonful of Lotus spread in with vanilla huel. Very nice as an occasional treat, but too questionable health-wise to be a regular. I don’t go to the supermarket very often these days since I mostly have huel, but on my next visit I will be scanning the shelves for some creative add-ins. Watch this space.