Lunchtime Hueler, 3 months in


If thought I’d post my experience so far as I had quite a few questions and queries when I started so maybe this helps 1 or 2 of you :slight_smile:

Ok first up, flavours! I ordered the vanilla and original standard versions as was undecided and personally prefer original. It’s not as sweet as vanilla and easy to blend with other things.

My favourite way (always keeps it interesting) to have Huel is by blending with frozen fruit. Just a handful of whatever you fancy that day. It’s literally amazing. No protein shake or meal shake is like this when blended with frozen fruit IMO. For the days I’m struggling with energy, I mix ice and instant coffee which again, is just beautiful. It’s like an iced mocha and hard not to gulp it down. Flavour boosts are OK but do taste a little artificial IMO so prefer the fruit, coffee and cocoa! Oh and maybe the odd dollop of peanut butter :drooling_face:

Right, extra gas or wind. Yep, I struggled with this at the start but after some reading and researching, I found sipping it over an hour or 2 over lunch helped massively along with a big glass of water. No extra wind about 1 month in. Stick with it and sip.

I only replace lunches with Huel as it works for me, my schedule and training. Plus, I like a cooked breakfast and dinner. I’m a cyclist that trains about 10 hours a week at the moment so Huel compliments this greatly.

Overall, I was sceptical at the start but been proven massively wrong. Fantastic product.