Starting my Huel journey

Hey people!

So I’ve decided to start huel after a while of searching for a nutritous and healthy protein/meal replacement shake which I could use twice a day for breakfast and lunch. So I’m one week into my journey and I’m a convert! Besides from saving a load of time each morning I’m finding it’s actually keeping me full throughout the working today which is quite surprising as previous shakes I’ve used left me hungry after an hour! The only problem is getting home from work and eating crap which I think is more habit rather than hunger so this week I will be breaking that :slight_smile: Right now I’m making my breakfast huel with the matcha sample, if anyone has any flavour recommendations it would be great to hear them as I feel the vanilla may become a bit monotonous :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll make another post outlining some goals and what I hope to achieve in the next couple of months! Thanks for reading :smiley:


I’m drinking mugs of boiling water and marmite to stave off fake hunger which helps! I also bung in loads of frozen berries to my huel and cake essences like almond/salted caramel. Worth a whirl round TK maxxxxxxxxxxxx for sugar free coffee syrups too!

I’m liking the sound of the frozen berries and I’ve seen a few posts about adding cinnamon so may give that a go! But marmite is a no go I’m firmly in the hate it camp! :smile:

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it tastes fin in a mug of boiling water, as does bovril! :star_struck:

I’m a big fan of the matcha you tried today.

Coffee and cacao powder are both good choices if you don’t want anything too sweet.

Mmmmmm bovril… :stuck_out_tongue: anymore suggestions?

The matcha one was great I might try and find some in the shops! Got the caoco one tomorrow morning not sure how different that one is compared to the chocolate?

Cacao is more bitter than sweet, I think it balances out the sweetness well.