New Year, New Huel-er

Hi all,

I decided to try Huel, coupled with more exercise to cut some weight after a sudden realisation that my lifestyle had become very sedentary and that I was eating lots of snacks.

To be honest, I was a bit worried at first as the forums seemed to have a lot of threads about some of the side effects, but decided to give it a go and ordered two bags of new Vanilla.

I use Huel every lunch time, replacing a packed lunch which was always a sandwich, an apple, some crisps and some chocolate. Occasionally I use it for breakfast too, especially if I have worked out early in the morning.

To cut a long story short - I LOVE IT. The convenience is amazing (no forgetting to make lunch, no washing up, no food waste) and I was surprised how much I liked the flavour.
It’s really helping me track my calorie intake better and I am snacking way less. I’ve suffered no side effects whatsoever.

My wife even decided to try it seeing how much I liked it and she ordered a bag of berry and a bag of mint choc. I tried some and now prefer them to my vanilla!

To maintain maximum convenience I think I will stick with pre-mixed flavours and the shaker, rather than blending etc. but do have some flavour boosts lying around just in case.
Will they “work” in my new vanilla or are they best used with U/U?

Looks like a great community - looking forward to contributing.


I believe the flavours work best with Vanilla, although I don’t really use them myself.

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TBH they work in either in my opinion, although I generally use a base mix of 50/50 unflavoured and original vanilla. You need less flavour boost in vanilla as it is already sweetened…or at least that’s what I find.

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That’s interesting. I don’t get that impression from scrolling through usually… did you search for threads about side effects specifically?

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I had the same thing, no search but just reading through experiences of (new) Huelers.
Didn’t stop me or anything, but I get where it’s coming from. No specific search needed for this,
especially if you’re searching with Google and reviews on many sites pop up.
Regarding the latter, I have to say that mankind tends to complain. So, if you read a negative
review, keep that in mind. If something is good, nobody says a word, but oh… if it’s not !! :sweat_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum. Glad you and your wife are enjoying Huel :grinning:
As we all have varying tastes either sweet and/or savoury it is difficult to recommend which is best for adding flavour boosts to. I have just tried U&U with banana fb and really enjoyed it. I also enjoy flavour boosts with both Original and Vanilla though you obviously don’t get the toffee taste of Vanilla coming through if you use UU or Original. Some like it, some don’t. I love all of it so far :yum:

I mix a bag of vanilla with unsweetened, makes a nice less sweet tast. I have never found the flavours to be much use, they have an unusual taste. Although it was only after a few weeks of using huel I noticed it.

I’m always in and around hospitals both private and NHS, No doctors have ever advise me to stop using huel.

If in doubt check with your consultant.

By way of an update, I weighed myself at the weekend and I have lost 12.5kg since Christmas (I started using Huel on 2nd Jan).

I should point out this is through an improvement in diet (using Huel for lunch every day, reducing snacks) but also a significant increase in activity levels (I got back into cycling and swimming).

I feel much more alert, healthier, I sleep better and get less stressed; although of course some of this benefit is from the increased exercise, not necessarily Huel.

All in all though I am very happy with Huel. I’ve been using the fitbit app to track calories in and out and Huel makes that very very easy. It’s also cheap and very convenient to just leave a bag at work and not have to worry about making lunch every day.

I’ve tried lots of flavours (pre-mix and boosts) and my favourites are original vanilla, banana flavour boost and cacao flavour boost. I haven’t done much blending with other foods and i don’t weigh my Huel, as for me the ease and convenience of a simple three scoops and a shake is one of the key benefits.

I will keep using Huel, but now that my BMI has returned to “normal” thresholds, I will aim for a much smaller daily calorific deficit.

Thanks to everyone on here for the ideas, knowledge and friendliness which has helped me on this experience.