New Hueler from Italy and question about flavour

Hello everybody!
My name’s Raffaele, I’m a 22 years old creative designer from Sorrento, Italy.

I really loved the concept of Huel and I’m thinking to use it one/two times a day.

I’ll make an order but in reality, I can’t decide on the taste: I’m sure of the new vanilla to try.

Now the question is, should I get the old vanilla or the unflavoured?
I will surely mix my Huel with fruits and other food in order to complete my meal for reaching my calories (around 600).

Thanks a lot in advice

Heya! Welcome to Huel :slight_smile:
It depends on your taste and what your goals are: do you like sweeter things? Are you planning on experimenting with savoury combinations? Are you planning on using Huel in recipes like flour? Have you had adverse reactions to sucralose?
I personally find that Original Vanilla is the best neutral base for the flavour boosts, and I have a sweet tooth so I’m unlikely to try Unsweetened (I hear it has a very oaty, earthy, sandy taste/texture). Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Also, if you don’t yet have a referral code, feel free to use mine to get £10 off! :smiley:

Ciao Raffaele, un altro italiano! :slight_smile:

Back to english: about your question, I’m good with the new Vanilla, love it and don’t find it too sweet. But I love super-sweet flavours (super flavours in general, like a ton of salt :smiley: ), so it might be biased. One thing you can try, is order one bag of new and one of old Vanilla, just to try the difference.
If you want to try Huel also in savory tastes, the unsweetened is good, but I think it’s better to start with the vanilla one and then experiment (that’s what I’m planning to do too, started a couple of weeks ago :slight_smile: ).

Happy journey! Buon viaggio! :slight_smile: Message me if you wanna chat in italian. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!
Honestly I really love cooking and healthy food in general but I have wanted to give a try to Huel!
Ci sentiamo presto! :slight_smile:

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I do love cooking too, but mainly for other people, not for me alone. :slight_smile: And of course I will never ditch out italian foods for 100% Huel :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, if you place an order be prepared to wait a little more than expected: my first order was shipped 3 days after (plus the usual 2 days of international shipping with UPS), and the last one I’m waiting since tuesday and has not been shipped yet. I guess they have too many orders and the warehouse is overwhelmed…