Can't decide between vanilla or unflavoured

Hi, I’ve finally caved in and decided I want to try Huel. However I’m struggling to decide between vanilla and unflavoured.

Vanilla sounds more appealing but I’ve always been conscious about sweeteners such as sucralsoe which don’t have as much research into them as I’d like.

On the other hand I’m wondering if I’d be better off with unflavoured - people think I’m weird, but I absolutely love eating plain Weetabix for breakfast, with no sugar or fruit or anything of the sort.

Any suggestions?

To be honest I had similar thoughts to you but opted to go for the new vanilla in the end and I’m glad I did, it has a hint of flavour but its not overpowering and I enjoy drinking it.

Based on the drink I feel that unflavoured wouldn’t be as nice to drink to be honest, but I guess you can add flavourings to the unflavoured easier if you did want.

Hope you enjoy whichever you go for.


They’re quite tasty. Plenty of sugar in them. U/U Huel, however, is most generously described as earthy. A few people like it as it comes but I think without exception they’re people used to raw foods &/or a vegan diet. Most U/U buyers flavour it or even blend it with flavoured Huel.

Savoury is hard to do with Huel, in my limited experience. For that you really do need to start from U/U with a few odd exceptions (maybe satay works with vanilla but that’s moot).

If you’re going with only one Huel product line I’d suggest new vanilla. It seems to be the one found palatable most widely. It also takes other flavours nicely albeit generally sweet or nutty ones.

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There’s only about 2g of sugar in the Weetabix, but I guess there’ll be quite a bit of sugar from the milk too right? I didn’t think of that.

I don’t plan on putting milk in my Huel, so would plain Huel be more comparable to plain Weetabix with water? (rather than milk).

If so, I’ve just experimented (don’t judge me, I’m bored) tasting Weetabix in water and it wasn’t very pleasant.

So maybe vanilla is the way to go. I’m just a little bit concerned over the use of sucralose but I’ll get over it.

I’ve not seen a single person who drinks unflavoured Huel on its own so I think I’ll go with your advice, vanilla seems a lot less risky

How about getting one pack of each? Then trying each separately, and then together. Depending on the flavour you like best you can mix and match and try different combinations. If you get the sample sachets of flavouring you can go to town on your combos.

When I first got my huel, I got a pack unflavoured and a pack of original. I found the unflavoured a little too bland to have a big 3 scoop shake of, and sometimes the original was a little too sickly! So I did 1 scoop unflavoured, and 2 original, or the other way round if I wanted a blander option, and if it was 2 scoops half and half and that was just the right amount of taste for me. I’ve now just got the bags of new vanilla, and they are JUST right. Like the Goldilocks porridge.

I understand your concern for the sweetener, there’s not a huge amount in the original, and if you mix and match then you can reduce that risk for yourself.

I feel like if you already enjoy fairly plain cereal (go you!) then unflavoured might be just what you need! :smiley:


Thanks for the advice :grinning: I do love plain Weetabix but I’ve just realised most of that probably comes from the sweetness of the milk! And one of the reasons I am getting Huel is to try and cut down on milk as I drink way too much of it for my liking.

The one of each idea is really good but I’m a university student so ideally it’d be nice to have 1 bag at home and 1 bag at university. Anyway I’m tempted to go with the new vanilla flavour with all the positive reviews it seems to be getting.

I went new Vanilla and have no regrets, although on my next sub I have added an additional Coffee one to give that a try.

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Original is more subtle than new vanilla which has quite a overpowering aftertaste of sweetener. Also I find it tastes more like toffee whereas original is more vanilla.


I eat Shredded Wheat without anything other than milk on it and I don’t like U/U Huel :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking of eating them dry.

When I said it was earthy I kinda meant it tastes of earth, albeit nutritionally complete earth. I’m biased though; one of my first Huel experiences was U/U with a chicken stock cube & warm water… I’ve not tried a savoury option since.

I found new vanilla too sweet and only buy original vanilla now.


I do one pack of each and use equal parts when I mix them. The vanilla is just too sweet for me. I don’t like artificial sweeteners, they leave me with a funky taste. My goal is to go straight unflavored.

I seem to be in the minority who prefer U/U. Yes, it’s pretty bland and mostly tastes of oats, but I’m ok with that. I can quite happily drink it straight. I’ve found I really don’t like the sweeteners - for whatever reason they’re just less palatable than sugar and the aftertaste lingers. Which is annoying, as I like sweet things but don’t want to add sugar, so I’m experimenting with different flavours for variety.

@Michael_Rozdoba reckons U/U fans are used to raw foods, but I’m afraid I’m here to disprove that theory as I like my junk food as much as the next person! I do eat pretty healthy stuff, but also plenty of junk (which I’m trying to cut out, hence Huel). I guess if I found sweeteners more palatable I’d probably be on the vanilla stuff too, though.

@nervousrhino I’d probably still recommend you try Vanilla since it does seem to be the most popular by far!

I’m with @Kay because I love the U/U too, and I find new vanilla too sweet and artificial-tasting.

U/U is also the most versatile, because you can mix it with sweet or savoury to get a wide variety.

I went for the new vanilla which arrived today, I know it will take getting used to the taste, but I found it quite sickly and I could definitely taste the sucralose which was too sweet for my tastebuds.

So I’m considering exchanging my unopened bag for the U/U, and going 50/50 as some people have mentioned.

Until then, does anyone have any tips on reducing the sweetness/presence of the sucralose? I’m going to use more water tomorrow

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Honestly I feel this too. Original is way better in that regard. Very mild and creamy. I can recomend you try that one

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@nervousrhino if you like coffee, try making a cup and adding some, that might help? Also, cocoa or cacao powder - try a heaped teaspoon in with the Huel, the bitter flavours will offset the sweetness.

@Madeleine @Squizzle Woohoo, team U/U! I was starting to think I was the only one! :grinning:

Oops subtract one bud, meant original vanilla :slight_smile:

I have yet to try U/U. I don’t quite feel inspired enough to play around with it yet. :smile:

I buy the sample sachets. One sachet lasts at least two shakes as it’s very very sweet. :blush: