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Hey guys,

I guess these questions are going to come down to everyone’s opinions, but I’m looking for advice for what a new Huel user should order to start with. I would normally take a leap of faith, but there are so many choices and a lot of different opinions about flavors.

I’m tempted to start off with something like:

  • Unsweetened Huel + flavor pack (probably banana) or real bananas
  • Vanilla Huel + flavor pack (probably banana) or real bananas
  • Vanilla or berry Huel as a stand-alone drinks

How do you consume your Huel? And what flavor combination(s) would you recommend to a new starter? Is Vanilla nice enough on its own?

Also what is up with the two Vanilla flavors? I’ve read that people think they taste completely different. What is the difference in taste? Is one stronger? Which one is more popular?

I’m slightly worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the taste, though I’d love to do it. I’m hoping to order for next weekend.

My personal opinion is that berry Huel taste the best, so I’d order a bag of that.

Unflavoured and unsweetened is more versatile, you can add sweetness to it and you can add salty stuff too for a savory huel, however most don’t enjoy it on its own (I have no trouble drinking it plain but I wouldn’t go as far to say it tastes really good plain, like berry does). It’s possible to add flavour packs to this with good results although you need to use more of the flavour than if you were to use vanilla as a base.

Vanilla new and improved is a good base for sweet milkshake-like huels to add verious berries or flavours and is also ok on its own, I find it too sweet though. I like a mix of U/U and vanilla much better.

Original vanilla I haven’t tried so can’t help you there, other than to say that the reason there’s two is because they don’t taste the same and some old hurlers like it better (maybe some new ones aswell)

Here is what I’d recommend for your first order
1 bag of berry huel
1 bag of Vanilla new and improved
1 bag unflavoured and unsweetened
1 flavour pack sample (to test out all the flavours so you can find your favourite and order that later if you like)

Edit: verious spelling errors (I need to learn to read throug before I hit the button, fat chance though)

Good luck

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I find Original Vanilla to be OK, quite good. Hard to explain but is very Huel. In the long run you may get bored of it because it is a fairly mild flavour. However, I find Vanilla flavours go well with customizing them (almost as well as the original).

As for what to buy, I think @penthesilea gives good advice. If you find 3 bags too much, I would personally cut the unflavoured/unsweetened (because it also means that you will most likely have to prepare it everytime).

I’d go with original vanilla, unflavoured and flavour packs.

Vanilla I find a little too sweet, unflavoured too harsh, mix them together and BAM.

I generally drink 50/50 refrigerated overnight.

Berry is nice but understated, and coffee is great.

Vanilla (tastes like toffee on its own)
Original (a good base for flavour packs)

I’ve heard Berry is good but I have yet to try it! :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I just thought I’d update you.

I have ordered:

  • 1 bag of berry huel
  • 1 bag of Vanilla new and improved
  • 2 flavor pack samples

I just hope I like the taste. :slight_smile: I think this is a good base to discover what I like and then order what I like :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your advice guys !

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Glad to see you’ve opted for a mix of Berry and New and Improved, those are the best! (my faves and also the best sellers).

One is the orignal Vanilla flavour that we had. We didn’t want to make all our long-standing customers change so we continued to the make both for them. The latest Vanilla is richer vanilla flavour and tastes a little sweeter (despite using less sweetener) and this is our best seller.

Hope this helps! Welcome to the team.

Thank you for the replies and advice.

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