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Hi there everyone! So I’ve been shadowing these forums for the past week or so, and I have started my journey on huel! In typical me fashion I could not wait the 7 days for huel to be available so decided to order the UU version off of Amazon thinking I could make it sweet myself (love vanilla milkshakes) I’ve tried option’s hot chocolate powder, strawberry, vanilla extract, honey. Now I still do not find this powder even relatively nice to drink! So as it stands I have 1 opened and 1 unopened bag of UU and I really do not think I’m going to be able to open the sealed bag I dislike it that much, so I will have to order a different version.

Does the vanilla one genuinely taste like vanilla?

It’s a real long shot but is anyone from Kent UK and wants to trade / buy the unopened bag?

On a more positive note, I’ve stuck with it and drank the full amount each time I’ve made one, and apparently I’ve lost 2lb over night haha. I’m having huel for breakfast and lunch and then a relatively healthy dinner (less than 1000cal) well healthy for me at least lol.

Some background info of myself

I’m 24 have 2 children and I’m married, I work in the Renal sector of healthcare managing the patients with kidney failures transport to and from hospitals.

I weigh 18st dead as of this morning, I am 5ft 11

Any ideas for a genuinely sweeter enjoyable experience would be much appreciated!

Sorry for the long post!

The mint flavour boost is really good. I have a tsp of that with my UU Huel.
I’ve read that people really rate the FlavDrops from MyProtein and peanut butter is a winning addition, although I haven’t tried either.

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You could add flavours (this has been posted many times)
My favourite is caramel and toffee

Hi is that like mark has put above being the mint one?

Not quite … I meant flavours for cooking or coffee … syrups and essences in the baking isle

Hey, welcome to Huel!
I’m also in Kent but I use the Vanilla, I personally like it and have been living off it predominantly since April.
I would be more than happy to send you some to try? Let me know and I can pop a sample in the post.

Have you tried it with a sliced banana, blended, and then left in the fridge (or add ice cubes before blending) ?

Thank you! Where in Kent are you? I’m Thanet area, with my job I’m all over Kent so I may even be able to pick some up instead of you posting that’s such a generous offer!

Hi there, no I haven’t tried banana yet unfortunately I’m going to pick up some more fruit today and see how I go, I took some advice from above and I’ve tried chocolate powder and peanut butter, hoping for something along the lines of a snickers bar this morning haha

I’ve also been known to chuck cinnamon & instant coffee in for a change :yum:

I live in the Medway towns. Let me know what works best!

Hello fellow Kentish Hueller,

My advice is to stick with it. I used to flavour Huel with all sorts but over time I’ve grown to enjoy all varieties straight out of the bag. It’s like your body craves what it knows is good.

What has surprised me most is that over a year in, its not got boring. Don’t understand it really because I couldn’t eat the same ordinary meals every day.

At the moment I’m on original vanilla for breakfast and Berry for lunch but will rotate to coffee and new vanilla when the bags are empty.

The u/u is hardest to get used to but mixed 50/50 with one of the others works. I don’t mind it neat now.

After the initial getting used to it, I’ve never looked back.


I’ve just got another couple of packs of flavour boosts; rhubarb and custard and banana. I am having the rhubarb and custard mixed with 2 scoops new vanilla for my evening meal. 100% Huel today. CBA cooking! :grin:
I just tried a sip and it’s very nice but rather sweet. Might benefit from mixing half and half vanilla and UU next time.

Thank you for the motivation buddy, I’ve stuck with it and I intend to continue I like the simpleness of it, I just cannot stick out this UU, it’s a shame I was impatient to be honest as it seems I will be stuck with it as Amazon will only return both bags sealed so not going to happen, I bought a toffee booster until payday to see how I get on but failing that I’ll order vanilla come payday are you doing 100% huel or mixed??

Mixed, I’ve kept the evening meal. It’s really difficult to go 100% with a family and I do quite enjoy cooking. I probably average 10 Huel meals a week at the moment. Feels like a healthy balance. If my wife and kids went away for a week I’d definately go 100% to see how I got on.