Save coffee flavour!

I am a long time Huel user, the powder has literally been a life saver for me over the years and Coffee flavour is the only flavour I do not find too sweet (chocolate was good before the flavour was ruined by v3.0).
I am hoping that if enough people support this post, Huel will think again and not get rid of coffee, replacing it with coffee-caramel (which sounds sweet and probably a mix of coffee and salted caramel).
Huel- please do not ignore this post- please do not get rid of coffee flavour. I may even have to do the unthinkable and look to other brands if the only not sickly sweet flavour is discontinued.


Huel will act upon the buying patterns. If they make revisions that few support they will ditch or amend the products.

There is a vocal minority that likes granola, but most thought it resembled sawdust and cat litter so they ditched it.


Coffee must be one of the easiest things to add to Original or U/U, when it’s only the flavour that’s an issue. A shot of espresso is great but a spoonful of instant coffee is as easy as it gets.


I don’t really get the caffeine reduction (by a factor of 3) in the 3.1. While coffee flavour was not my favorite (I like it, but I prefer Salted Caramel), I always ordered few bags of Coffee Huel, since it was the best wake-up meal with a bit of a kick. Now I think I will have to remove it from my orders.

Fake news!



As @hunzas has said, we look into things like repeat purchases to see if customers enjoyed the flavour and if we find certain flavours aren’t being repurchased or the feedback isn’t as good as other flavours we will make these changes.

We’re so sorry that we’re taking away your favourite. We would suggest adding Coffee powder to either vanilla or unflavoured/unsweetened powder if you aren’t a fan of sweetness.

Tris-Tim is that you?

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I’m in the same boat, coffee is my go-to Huel and I am dismayed that it is being withdrawn. I don’t have a sweet tooth and the alternatives that others have suggested just do not work for me. I have tried mixing vanilla and original with coffee as well as other possible flavourings and neither came out well - both bags ended up in the bin as I found them too unpalatable to finish.

Stocking up now with as much as I can afford.


I will also be disappointed to not have my coffee fix or 2 every day. Ive tried adding coffee to vanilla but its just not the same. The caramel added will be to sickly for my taste but others will love it. :coffee::unamused::frowning:

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For customers who don’t like the sweeter Coffee taste they have Unflavoured/Unsweetened powder and add Coffee to this for the more bitter Coffee taste which could work for you guys.

Or you could just leave Coffee flavour alone and let us continue to enjoy it. That would be a much better outcome.


Sorry Charlotte ive tried the U/U and i couldnt handle it. Tried all the tricks adding different flavourings but nothing made it right for me. :persevere::tired_face:

@Charlotte_Huel , I think this is a better proposal. :rofl:

I’m drinking Chocolate Essential with two teaspoons of instant coffee. Not sweet, at least to my taste. Haven’t tried with Vanilla, but Chocolate works well.

I might have to try that next. I usually mix v3 coffee with chocolate and throw in a banana if making double quantity. Not tried essentials yet. Coffee was my main delivery. :coffee:

Sweetness is very individual, what one person finds bland and “not really sweet” might be perceived as “excessively sweet” by someone else. I know plenty of examples among friends.
So I think it is impossible to say whether you like something because someone else does not find it sweet.
You have to try it yourself.

As the powders are relatively expensive, and to avoid having to throw something away, the safest thing in your case would be ordering unflavoured/unsweetened and add the other stuff - coffee, sweetener in low dose etc yourself, experiment with the dosage

If this is too inconvenient for you, there are so many other companies that offer a pure, regular coffee flavour, premade. Nonvegan, vegan, different price classes, the market is huge. Almost every brand now has a coffee flavour.

Hey Charlotte, I am from EU and I have just seen that the Coffee flavour is again available in the store. Can you please confirm that this is the old coffee flavour (v3.0) and not the new one with much less caffeine?

It seems to be the old one - as I understoof it 3.1 is only produced as coffee-caramel…please correct me if I am wrong…

Just make your own. Coffee favours are often as divisive as chocolate ones – so best just use the coffee you already know you like and add that to a base flavour. Unfortunately I have a LOT of caffeine in the day so a premix would never be enough. More recently, I have started splitting my shake by having it in two drinks in the morning, mixed half and half with cold brew. This one is using the Cinnamon Swirl powder.


That’s a really nice photo.

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Where did you get that shaker on the left side of the picture?