Black edition chocolate is disgusting! Help!

I’m new to huel and tried the caramel coffee one first. Its was kinda weird but drinkable and I’m sure I’ll become more keen on it as I continue to use it.

The chocolate though! Its just vile. Its has this sour initial flavour that turns almost chemically at the end… anyone else felt like this but managed to find a way to make it even okay-ish? I’ve seen a few people mentioning peanut butter but I’m allergic and I tried it when it was super cold, which was another suggestion but it didnt seem to help.


Might sound a bit random but have you tried putting a spoon of instant coffee in?

Also using a blender is much nicer than the shaker. Then pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours.


I will try both of these. Thank you!

It just really took me by surprise cause the caramel coffee was quite nice!

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I use the chocolate Black Edition only for my powder, I mix the various flavour boosts in most of the time. It took me a couple of goes to get used to it but I really enjoy it now.

Good luck! :grinning:

I’m sure I’ll find a way I like if I just stick with it. :blush: Thank you for the suggestions

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Like you, I am not a fan of Huel Black chocolate and struggled to finish the bag. I too mixed in a spoonful of instant coffee to make it palatable. I find vanilla ok-ish but absolutely love coffee caramel.

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Just sell it to someone; some try that here at the forum. Perhaps you find a buyer. You can even sell opened bags, you just have to offer a discount.

People buy already opened bags?! Err can I advise anyone to never buy a non sealed bag please. Bloomin’ Henry that’s a dangerous idea!!


At the German Huel forum such offers seemed to have been successful several times. This was before COVID, though.

Then they’re idiots. There is no defense for this. Under no circumstances should anyone ever buy an opened packet of a powdered product from anyone else. My German is a little rusty otherwise I’d go there and say so myself. It’s basic safety, forget about COVID.

What if someone uses most of a packet and then just decides to cut the rest with some kind of powdered detergent or something to bulk it out and sell it as only slightly used.

No way, I don’t think I’m overstepping the mark here by asking you to not propagate that sort of thing under any circumstances. Flagging this for staff attention.


you could try the same method the chocolate confectionary industry uses to mellow the taste of chocolate. Add some vanilla extract. Vanilla is used in practically any non-plain chocolate bar you buy as it smooths the normally bitter and earthy taste of natural chocolate. You could combine this by also substituting some of the water with a complimentary flavoured milk - almond or hazelnut milk for example.


Great suggestions! Thank you :blush:

@ Talort:
Then you suggest throwing the powder away or drinking something one finds disgusting? Or what is your suggestion for the problem mentioned?
What exactly do you fear might happen?

You’re just being a troll.

I have no time for your type. Begone.

Apart from the obvious – there are several reasons why selling opened food products on eBay is a definite no no and open yourself to action by eBay including closing your account and recovering costs from you:

You’d be contravening eBay’s own policies on the sale of food specifically:

  • The correct and secure packaging of the food product
  • Registering with local authorities as a food seller

You’d be contravening governmental food standard agencies rules specifically:

  • You need to register with your local authorities as a food business 28 days before trading. (‘Food Business’ means any undertaking, whether for profit or not and whether public or private, carrying out any of the activities related to any stage of production, processing and distribution of food.)
  • All foods must be delivered to consumers in a way that ensures that they do not become unsafe or unfit to eat.
  • Food sent by post needs to be sent to consumers in packaging that remains intact.
  • The packaging must be adequate to prevent cross contamination and maintain a safe temperature.

Use a blender and make it the night before. Then leave over night in the fridge and it will taste considerably better. Shake and add some ice when you drink. In my experience the colder the better.

Also try adding a little more water. I don’t like huel when it is thick so I make it with about 125ml extra water and I quite enjoy it now.

I have not tried the black chocolate, but I did have the regular huel choc and didn’t really like it. The tips above helped. I also threw a banana into the blender with the huel mix and that was quite tasty, maybe worth a try.

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I’m away to get a blender later today so will definitely try these! Thank you :blush:

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I had the same problem as you. Ordered one bag of black chocolate to try and was utterly surprised by the chemical taste. I tried blending, tried with ice cubs, tried night in the fridge and it still did nothing for me.

In the end I tried baking with it… Big hit, you can make some really decent chocolate cookies with it. And this is how I finished my bag :rofl: never ordered one since then though…


You couldnt direct me to a recipe could you?

I dont see this working out… I have tried it super cold, got a blender, tried putting in a banana and some super sweet coconut yogurt to try and cover the taste… still absolutely disgusting. It weird for me cause I’m not a fussy eater and I usually like flavours that are earthy but this just tastes like chemicals…

My next attempt will be with coffee in it but at present I am basically just trying to down as much of it as I can each time. :nauseated_face:

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Yeah I get what you’re saying. You could try one of the following recipes:

Or find any recipe humanely possible on: