Help please

Hi everyone!! I would really appreciate your help I started Huel the black edition yesterday, in the chocolate flavour. I am by no means fussy when it comes to my food but oh my god it is absolutely disgusting. For the past 2 days I have had to throw it away!! I added cacao powder today and cinnamon to try improve the taste but it literally made no difference. Has anyone found anything that worked? Unfortunately I ordered 2 bags of the chocolate as well :sob: please help xxx

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Heya, I very nearly gave up too! God it tasted vile (the vanilla for me actually).

Do you like coffee? If so just mix it up with a couple of spoons of instant.

Oh, my #1 tip is to use well chilled water.

Vanilla drops and cayenne pepper (quarter of a teaspoon) may help overcome some of the flavours you disliked.

Thank you so much for replying… I love coffee so I will definitely try that tomorrow and see how I get on… I’ll let you know!!
Thank you so much

You’re most welcome and also… welcome!

Don’t give up, there’s always a way. I really look forward to my Chocolate black Huel and mostly use extra chocolate flavouring, choc mint or mocha (or coffee in the mornings).

Only really started recently myself. Took it slowly at first and built up to three shakes and a bar a day. It’s fantastic for calorie counting too!

3 a day wow that is some good going!!! Im. Only doing it for lunch at the min and as I’ve been throwing it away I’ve been light headed in the afternoon :see_no_evil:I’ll try your tips tomorrow and let you know how I get on

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Is it the texture or the taste that puts you off?

Try to make it a few hours ahead of time and let it chill in the fridge. I love to put frozen blueberries or raspberries in and drink after a few minutes once they’ve thawed. Give it a shake before drinking though to separate them.

You can also try to add less or more water, or substitute half of the water with different kinds of milk (oat and almond seem to be popular). Some people put it in a blender and add banana or peanut butter or whatever you can think of.

You have two whole bags to experiment with, so go nuts! And if you don’t want to waste too much of it while trying different things, you can make two half shakes each day and try two different techniques in one meal.

Thank you for your response and offering your help.

I am going to try your advice and make my shake tonight mixed with some peanut butter and almond milk. Then leave it in the fridge over night. It’s the taste I don’t like, I’ve had protein shakes before and loved them. But the after taste of the drink is so nasty!! I find it tastes so chemical, if that makes any sense.

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I think it might be a bit challenging mixing in the peanut butter in a cold shake without an electric blender or mixer so beware if you plan on shaking it by hand. Try just making with almond milk, have a sip now (just to test the taste/texture) and compare the difference tomorrow once it’s chilled. Unless you have a blender - then go nuts with the nut butters! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What about the peanut butter powder. That should work but nothing beats the real peanut butter. :blush:

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Oh absolutely! I’ve never even seen this elusive powder myself but I’ve heard good things about it.

Ooo I’ve not heard of that!! I need to look into that!!

I’ve prepped my shake for tomorrow and it’s ready in the fridge, I shall let you know how I get on. Thank you everyone for being so helpful!

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Oh my gosh I’m the same. I’m not sure how they can call it chocolate it takes absolutely awful :joy: I was so excited to try it and feel so let down. Not what I was expecting at all :nauseated_face:

Good to know it’s not just me… I did try 2 scoops of instant coffee and the paprika this morning. It was better… I did manage to drink the whole thing but it was by no means enjoyable… Will try the peanut butter tmrw and let you know how that is :grin:

I prefer the normal V3 Vanila one.

My friend gave me the Chocolate Black Edition. And I was not keen at all.

However, mixed with some cashew nuts, a banana, a bit of honey & some cacao nibs for the crunch and it tastes fine!

I recently switched to Black and tried one bag of the chocolate. And yes, it was rough.

I persevered with it, breakfast and lunch every day for a week and I did start to get used to it. It was a long week though. I’ll stick to vanilla from now on.

I’m still coming to terms with the Black Edition Chocolate. Vanilla is fine, but the chocolate is nothing like the v2.3 one (which was my favourite flavour), though I hear v3 may not be as popular either…
Luckily, I bought only one Black Chocolate, so only have it every few days, but it’s taking some getting used to.

Sweetness is the problem imho… Huel Black Chocolate just doesn’t have enough sweetener in it compared to the other flavours. Adding anything savoury to it makes it worse.

I found adding some sucralose sweetener (or a stevia sweetener, if avoiding sucralose is what brought you to Huel Black in the first place) makes it go down a treat.

I add 1 date in a Nutri Bullet and it is enough for me for my sweet tooth.

yep - dates, figs, even some prune juice - are a good taste to add to chocolate (or vanilla).

Thank you for even more advice I have tried the coffee, paprika, vanilla essence and no I’m still struggling. I fact I have altogether scrapped the huel for the last 2 days it’s too hard :weary::weary::weary: