Help please

Oh dear, sorry to hear you’re still struggling. Have you tried the huel flavour boosts? I strongly recommend mocha. I think it’s in the flavour boosts sample pack you can buy for like £3 or so?

Just going to stick up for black chocolate here :grin: I think it’s great but then I prefer stevia as a sweetener. I eat dark chocolate religiously and often at 90% and above so much prefer what some would say were more bitter chocolate flavours. To me black edition tastes of chocolate milk. Didn’t think v2.3 tasted of chocolate at all, was more like toffee. Haven’t tried v3

My favourite flavour boost to use with it is gingerbread! The combination oddly reminds me of the chocolate ring donuts they used to serve at my school. Lush basically. Hadn’t had one in 20 years and then all of a sudden I was taken back with my first sip of that first concocted huel😋

Hope you manage to get through those bags Laura!

Oh and just before I go today’s black chocolate is being served with some peanut butter powder and a little coconut milk.

Always chill your Huel👍

Yes, definitely better chilled

Same for me!

I normally don’t add sugar, but this one I found that sweetener really dramatically improved it.

In addition to the sweetener I add peanut butter powder, or cocoa and peppermint syrup (the huel flavour boost are very good too, I highly recommend but they’re expensive and I found I could achieve the same with DIY items)

Also I found it is essential to blend it, and if your still grossed out by the consistency then refrigerate it (bottle only half full of recommended liquid) over night. In the morning it wi be so smooth and goopy, then top the bottle up with liquid and blend or shake.

This method I found resembles the meal replacement drinks I’m used to like equate and slinfast etc

I’ve been blending, chilling, then blending again with ice when I want to drink and it’s been great, like a frappuchino. But not an option if you are on the move or at work potentially!

if you make it in advance, it should keep for the day in a refrigerator if you have one at work or in an insulated drinks bottle if you are out and about.

Everyone is so great on
here!! After 5days off I had my huel for breakfast and added
prune juice as well as the coffee and vanilla essence suggested it was a definite improvement… Tmrw I’m. Going to try the blending and ice!!
Just wondering… The flavour boosts
Are they high in calories??

nope - about 10 calories in the amount you’d stick in a huel shake.

Oh fab I’ll order the samples then and see which one I like best… I’ll report back to everyone :grin:

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