New to Black Edition

Hi everyone,

New to Huel and am a little unsure on how to use?

I mixed in 2 scoops of black in to water this morning. Is that It? Didnt taste particularly great. I got some Banana Protein free as part of first order, should i be adding this in routinely or only if i want an extra boost of protein?


You’re doing it right. You can try adding more/less water to see if that improves it for you. A few hours in the fridge can improve the taste too.

I like to chuck some instant coffee in too. Not always as I drink too much coffee already.

Thanks @David
Have read a few pages now and its getting simpler. not sure why i managed to overthink it

As I can already see a thread on this, I’ll lock this one up so the discussion can continue on the other thread :slightly_smiling_face: