New to Black Edition - Guidance please

Hi everyone,

New to Huel and am a little unsure on how to use?

I mixed in 2 scoops of black in to water this morning. Is that It? Didnt taste particularly great. I got some Banana Protein free as part of first order, should i be adding this in routinely or only if i want an extra boost of protein?


Unsure how to use a forum as well it seems.

you dont need to mix the two different products together - there are some guides here on how to use the Huel products.

Hi There,
Just taken delivery of my first Huel order - 2 x black edition.

Not sure if im doing this right? Mixed in 2 scoops in to water. Drank.
wasnt the best experience.
I also got Banana Protein foc as part of first order. should i be using this in conjunction or only if wanting a protein fix

We all need a fix from time to time.

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thanks @epicure
am i making the Black correctly though - without protein?

thank you @Phil_C

Hi @Gavlar :wave:,

Welcome to the forum!

Sorry your first experience wasn’t great, you shouldn’t need to add additional protein powder to our Black Edition meal.

Can I ask which flavour it was that you tried?

play nice

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Without additional protein is as per instructions, but it’s very good with extra this and that. Soya liquid is nice (in place of water): approx 15g protein boost. Never tried with Huel CP tho’…

Thank you Charlotte.

To be fair it was the unflavoured & unsweetened. Didnt consider i could add flavours, berries etc to it.
I’ve watched some vids and read more now so. i think i’ll be good from now on.

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:woozy_face: I think that explains why it didn’t taste very good!

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Thanks for your helpful and supportive comments.
Really nice to see you being helpful rather than just commenting

Thanks, that means a lot coming from someone who has been on the forum a whole 7 hours.

That unflavoured/unsweetened is hardcore. I had a shock when I tried it. Definitely needs some other flavours mixed in if you want it to be tasty. You’ll be amazed at the other Huel flavours if you try them… Mmmm… :yum:

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The black edition is better than the standard edition, but it is true that the base ingredients have a bad taste. That’s also the reason why the flavoured versions come with so much sweetener to mask it. But it is the easiest option, you don’t have to overthink what flavour you should order, which one is best, whether the new flavours will be worth the additional price - and eventually you can get used to everything.

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Thanks for the support. Nice to see comments in a forum the way they’re meant to be.

“a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged”.

Read further “and people faff about and take the piss sometimes”.


Most of the time.


Thank you for the lesson on forum etiquette, that means a lot coming from someone who has been on the forum a whole 20 hours.