Optimum taste

I haven’t used Huel before and just got Huel black unflavoured/unsweetened.

Pre-Huel I make a smoothie with some pea protein - with banana, berries, oats, soya milk and cacoa powder - but I wanted to up the protein amount and reduce calories a bit so I thought I’d try huel.

I think the taste is a bit rank/strong but that’s sort of what I expected. I’m happy to add some stuff but don’t want to add toooo much. Or maybe I should just do one scoop 500ml and work up once I get to like the taste. Any thoughts?

I used to use Shakeology which was sweetened with stevia and had a weird taste which was why I went for unflavoured/unsweetened. Maybe I should have gone with a flavoured one…others say you can do one scoop flavoured and one scoop unflavoured…

That’s my go to method all the time. UU for me is just to hardcore to eat as it is.

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Ah great - which flavour do you go with? And how sweet is it?

Don’t take my opinion for it because other people will give a different answer, but my favourite Huel Black powder flavours are: Banana, Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Cinnamon. I’ve tried all of them but don’t ever buy any of the others.

My actual favourite flavour though is original in white, it’s not available with black, so I use 50/50 with UU black when I use it. More often than not though I am happy with Huel white addition for both the flavoured and unflavoured.

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