Black Banana not thick enough

Yeah, not a fan. The taste itself is not that great, too sweet and overwhelmed by the artifical sweetener, but I could handle that. But what is going on with the texture?

I tried Black UU and Black Banana side by side with exactly the same mix of water and powder, and UU is much thicker. Just the way I like it. If UU is eventually going to get the same new “formula”, I might have to stop buying.

What gives?

I find Huel Black banana gets pretty thick (how I prefer it) if I let it stand for even a few minutes. If I drink straight away after mixing (in shaker) it’s thinner. I mix 90g with 400ml water and it’s perfect for me. I also have Black salted caramel and both are same texture. I love the flavours of both. I haven’t tried Black UU so can’t compare.

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I have only tried the Vanilla Black and the UU Black powders (as an add-on to my subscription of 2 boxes Coffee Caramel nutrition bars) and not the other flavours. The Vanilla was too sweet, which is why I chose UU for subsequent orders.

I did buy taste packs to add flavour, but I am not keen on artificial flavours. I generally add turmeric and cinnamon powder to flavour my Huel; I also add it to porridge to increase my protein intake. I have had a colostomy for over three years now, and find my nutrition needs supplementing, as I often find myself making my food into baby food!

I haven’t noticed the drinks as being too thin, but surely the answer is to either increase powder or decrease water? Or even to use a mylk or milk instead of water, as it is more sustaining?

I used to use fruitisip vitamin juices bought from the chemist to try to improve my nutrition; Huel has better nutritional balance with fewer calories and better flavours.
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Ah I’m sorry you aren’t loving the thickness of Black Banana and there is a disparity between your UU and Banana. Strange, I don’t believe that’s intentional but I will check in with the team. It’s not an ideal solution, but perhaps just note down the perfect amount of water for your Black Banana and your UU? Then you can make it perfectly every time. However, I recognise that this isn’t great user experience and not the simple Huel meal you were after!

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I make Black Banana the night before according to the packet instructions and its plenty thick in the morning. the texture is consistant with other flavours. Also just add less water or try with an plant milk.

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