Huel Black Edition ordered

Just ordered a bag of Vanilla and Chocolate (respectively)

No idea if it’ll come before Christmas, but it has some significant appeal to me:

  1. Less Carbs
  2. More Protein
  3. No more artificial sweetener

I’ll report back once I’ve tried my first bottle of the stuff :slight_smile:


Please do! I am considering amending my Huel use with the dissolution of original flavour. I’d like to use UU for breakfasts, Black choc for lunch and and RTD or soup for tea.

Thanks so much Simon! Do let us know what you think! Your Huel probably won’t be with you tomorrow, but 27th is more likely! Enjoy Christmas!

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It’s a fine word! Less emotive than “termination”.

isn’t it just on a sabbatical ?

That remains to be seen.

It seems there is no way to add Black to an existing subscription of White?

You can order original if you already have a subscription for it or from the outlet page while stocks last. A decision to keep the original flavour in a v3 guise or to keep producing it in the 2.3 formula has not been taken yet. I’ve got close to 15 bags of 2.3 original so I’m sound for now :grinning:

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Is it a two bag minimum of huel black? Or can you order one v3 and one black?

It appears to be this as the two products use separate pages to select the product and both pages require a 2 bag minimum. Even though your total order would actually be 2 bags in the end but the page doesn’t know that.

I really hope they decide to allow you to mix and match products soon!
This surely has to be the most requested thing ever!


Well, it arrived today and I’ve just had my first try of the new Black Edition Vanilla flavour.

Overall, not bad!

The flavour is quite a bit more mild than with the v2.3 or even the original… but it’s inoffensive and not unpleasant.

The texture is very different. It doesn’t have the “bits” like v2.3, which is a little strange at first. That said, I typically blend my Huel anyway, so I’m fine with this.

I will try the Black Edition Chocolate tomorrow (Christmas Day) and report back on my thoughts with that one as well.

I also need to test out the Vanilla with all of the typical things I did with the v2.3.

Also, the new scoops are nice! Easier to fill, easier for me to pour into my Promixx IX-R bottle too.

Everyone should definitely pay attention to the new measurements (both for the water, as well as the quantity of Huel powder).

The Black Edition requires 90g of Huel (2 of the new scoops) per serving, to 510ml of water. This theoretically means that I can now make a single whole (400kal) portion in one go with the Promixx IX-R bottle. The v2.3 required that I make two separate portions (50% per portion) otherwise it became too thick for the bottle to adequately mix.

I can also happily report no aftertaste typically endured when consuming Stevia-based sweetened products.

My only recommendation to Huel would be to punch up the Vanilla flavour a little more. It’s almost too subtle to notice (my opinion, at least) but again this isn’t a complaint from me. I have plenty of Flavour Boosts (the original ones) to use for now, and because of the 50% lower carb quantity, I’m happy to blend the Vanilla with mixed fruits to punch up the flavour in a satisfying way.

Also glad I got the black Huel T-Shirt… to go with the whole “Black Edition” thing :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


I like the sound of Vanilla being more bland. I can’t stand the vanilla flavour - so if huel black vanilla is milder, I might actually like it.
I’ll be interested to hear your verdict on chocolate

Drinking the chocolate one right now. It’s a lot better than the v2.3 chocolate in my opinion.

Definitely recommend it!


Cheers Simon for the awesome feedback! Great to hear that overall you’re loving Black Edition,

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Hard not to, Tim. I was asking for a higher-protein, Stevia-sweetened version of Huel a couple of years ago. I’m just really glad you guys didn’t abandon the notion when you had the aftertaste issues with the Stevia sweetening.

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3 weeks on and I had to cancel my original white so I could order black.

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