Thank you for black huel :)

Finally a flavoured powder i can drink :smile:

i eat a lot of huel - including RTD and bars - but the only powder i’ve been able to deal with is UU because i’m one of the unlucky ones whose brain rejects the sweetener aftertaste. I love my UU recipes but missed out on the convenience of being able to just add water and go.
But huel black has solved this problem for me, if you’ve had problems coping with the sweetener taste then give this one a go, the vanilla is great and absolutely no aftertaste.

My UU combos remain my favourite but am so happy to have a flavoured powder option too :smiley: cheers


Interesting that the sweetener in the RTDs doesn’t bother you, though. Glad black works for you! I’m getting my order soon so I’m looking forward to trying it with all these great reviews.

I’m the same - I struggle with the premixes with sucralose, but love the RTDs.
I initially found Berry RTD far too sweet but it’s now my favourite RTD. Interestingly I find chocolate rtd not sweet at all and on occasion add flavour boosts to increase the sweetness. The most awesome addition is the old caramel flavour boost which makes the chocolate RTD taste like a McDonald’s mars milkshake :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: (my secret guilty pleasure :shushing_face::laughing:)

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Agree wholeheartedly. The new black edition is awesome. The chocolate one actually tastes like chocolate and the same with vanilla! Rejoice!

Loving the less carbs thing too as I work long hours sometimes my snacks/meals tend to be carb heavy

I love Black edition as it allows me to be more flexible with my macros but I was put off the chocolate as I wasn’t a big fan of v2.3
I’ve seen a few people say on here it’s nicer though so think I’ll get a bag on my next order!

I’ve just ordered a bag each of vanilla and chocolate to try. Will try Huel Black for breakfast instead of Granola and see how it goes.

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Let me know how you find the chocolate. Did you enjoy v2.3 (if you tried it that is)?

Will do. Yes I tried the v2.3 chocolate. Liked it at first but, as with other premixes, was struggling to get through the bag after a while. I tend to stick with Original or Vanilla and add flavour boosts now, but because Black is an unknown quantity thought I would give the chocolate a try. I really hope Huel manage to make an acceptable v.3.0 Original. I would buy it like a shot.

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I’m exactly the same, fingers crossed from me also!

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My Huel Black arrived this morning, just in time for lunch. I just had to try the chocolate one first didn’t I? My verdict? Yum! It’s good! Totally different from v2.3 chocolate, as anticipated, and definitely more chocolatey. I also appreciate the fact that it’s not overly sweet, which suits me fine :+1: :yum:


yes it’s weird :woman_shrugging: the rtd does not have the same effect at all (i never tried the vanilla). i even wondered if was something besides the sucralose that causes it but don’t think it is … bizarre