Aftertaste in Black

I currently use v2.3 UU with Flavour Boosts and really like it. I don’t get on with any of the other base favours because the Sucralose seems to leave me with a horrible aftertaste that I can’t shift. I want to try the Black and see that it has the Stevia rather than Sucrolose - same as the flavour boosts. Is there anyone here who has moved from UU + flavour Boost to Black? How did you find it? Thanks

Yes. Me.
I think you will like it.

I hate sucralose so don’t get on with the flavoured premixes.
I love UU with flavour boosts (altho I preferred the old fbs with a higher stevia content. The new ones are ok but not quite sweet enough).

I love Huel black chocolate. I still find myself adding a bit of extra cacao or fb sometimes but the flavour of the powder is great.

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Thanks - think I’ll give it a go!