Huel Black Edition & Flavour Boost?

Has anyone tried the FB with Huel Black Edition? I’ve both Vanilla & Chocolate.

Chocolate taste good without flavours, although I put some Cayenne Pepper in it for the heat kick, which I like. But since Black other version is Vanilla, and I am not really a vanilla kind of person, I ordered some flavour boosts.

I’m very curious. Luckily I still have a bag of V2.3 Original, so it won’t go to waste.

they work fine in Black vanilla - you just need slightly less of them due to the increased sweetness over Original - I found a level teaspoon as opposed to a heaped one gives a comparable result.

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I’ve been drinking the BE (both flavours) for a couple of months now and decided to add the flavour boost pack to my last order to mix things up a little.

Honestly, I can hardly taste the flavour boosts at all. I’ve tried Mocha in a chocolate Huel and Strawberry and Peanuts Butter in vanilla and, if I hadn’t made all three myself, I wouldn’t have known there was anything different in them. :pensive:

I’m a little annoyed as the flavours sounded really delicious and I was looking forward to some variety but I guess that’s the point of the ‘taster pack’ after all!

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some people find the sample pack dosage enough in a 500ml drink - personally, I have to use at least a good heaped teaspoon of any powdered flavouring before I get a good sense of it - whether its Huel or others such as PB2. Ultimately, peoples tastes and their taste sensitivity vary wildly.


I use a couple of “rounded” teaspoons of the mocha and choc mint in the BE chocolate and they are definitely noticeable! Does up the calories very slightly so if you’re tracking you need to be aware of that.

My mum loves the BE with mocha and has asked me to get her some this month lol, she’s a mochaholic so high praise indeed :laughing:

Sorry to hear you aren’t loving the Flavour Boosts. I do personally find that the flavour boosts work best in v3.0, not Black Edition. It might be worth it with the rest of your Flavour Boost taste pack to reduce down the amount of Huel:Flavour Boost. Instead of using 2 scoops of your Black Edition, just use one scoop, half the recommended water and the whole sachet of Flavour Boost for a more concentrated flavour. Then you’ll get a better idea of which one you like and can get the whole pouch (and add as much as you like!)

I’m with you @Phil_C, I tried the sample pack sachets and couldn’t really taste them at all in a 2 scoop Huel, even when I went half and half vanilla and unflavoured! Especially not the mocha or peanut butter ones.

there seems to be a weird tipping point with Peanut Butter - I normally use PB2 and will add a heaped tablespoon to a two drink blender - anything less than that seems almost none existent and even a little more and it becomes really overpowering.

Does PB2 add a lot calories-wise? I don’t have much wiggle room on that, hence being keen on the FB idea…

Around 25 kcalories a tablespoon, so considerably less than peanut butter.

Ahh that’s actually not too bad at all!

yep - its pretty good, just don’t waste your money on the flavoured ones (chocolate, vanilla etc) as they taste so mild its barely there. Stick with the original flavour - they also do powdered almond butter but haven’t tried that.

As always thanks very much for taking the time to respond @Tim_Huel - the community engagement from everyone at Huel is such a fantastic aspect of the company.

I did think about splitting my meals and flavouring one scoop as you suggest but to be honest I’ve got my routine pretty well set and I just can’t be bothered with the extra effort! :joy: Another concern is if I bought a larger bag of FB or another flavouring I’d end up using so much it could become rather expensive!

Fortunately, I enjoy both BE flavours so the fact the flavour boosts might not work for my particular tastebuds is really just a slight disappointment rather than a big issue. :blush:

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That is totally fair! I’m a creature of habit too (it’s almost time for my 10am coffee). You would only need to try it once, then you know which ones you like. But glad it isn’t a big issue! You do you, perhaps shake it up with some coffee (I think I’ve just got coffee on the mind…)

That’s really nice of you to say. We absolutely love chatting with our community, it’s the best part of my job and probably the best bit of others’ too!