Flavour boosts with Black Chocolate?

Firstly, I am really enjoying the light, unobtrusive flavour of Black Huel!

I am interested in trying some flavour pouches that would go with chocolate such as salted caramel, mint chocolate, vanilla or plain old chocolate when I want to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Don’t wanna order the taster pack because there are some which I know I will hate (e.g. banana, mocha, matcha, berry etc)

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Matcha is not in the current fb pack and the receipes for the others have been changed compared to the old pack. The amount of sweetener is much lower, too.
So you might still give the pack a try, if you didn’t like the old ones.

I just know that a few of them would taste rank with chocolate (i.e. apple and cinnamon) so seems pointless to waste them…