Flavour Boosts Sweetness

I’m using the sample pack to find my fav and I’m finding some really sweet. I noticed they have sweetener added, that is alongside the sweetener we already have in Huel. I’m mixing them with Huel BE Vanilla. Does anybody else find them too sweet?

BE vanilla? is that Black Edition? I find even v3 vanilla a bit sweet on its own…with a flavour boost then a bit more but I’m good with it. It’s not over the top for me…

have you tried unflavoured unsweetened?

The flavour boosts have been designed to sit on top of v3.0 Vanilla. Black Edition uses the same sweetener as the flavour boosts (stevia) but too much stevia can taste weird to some people.

Cutting your base Huel with unflavoured might help. You could try adding less flavour boost but might just lose the flavour. Which FB are you trying?

NNYz -
Sorry, yes BE is black edition. I’ve tried UU and the boosts are meant to be used with vanilla.

Tim -
I see, I guess they might not work quite as well with BE as they do with 3.0
I’m using the sampler pack and going through them to see which ones I want to order. Apple and Cinnamon was delicious but just too sweet, if it wasn’t as sweet, I’d enjoy it much more. I’ll order some UU next time and try scoop of UU with a scoop of vanilla

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